One More Day (7293-7304)

I got this little reminder today, as if I wasn’t counting down the days.

IMG_8582I must have entered that into my calendar a year ago as a supreme act of optimism.

I am as surprised as anyone that this blog didn’t suffer the fate of most blogs: a strong start followed shortly by a subdued retreat into oblivion after it gets boring or suddenly seems like a lot of work.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to say at the end of the year, a summation of my final conclusions. I’ll be working on it for most of today, after I take the dog for a walk and clean out the chicken coop.

Oddly enough, both these tasks deal with the disposal of crap. Heck, this blog is all about the disposal of crap. Interesting priorities, no?

Perhaps I chose the wrong line of work.


But here I am and I just noticed that today I have reached the 7300 mark. That’s exactly twice my original goal of 3650 items purged.

I can’t say that I was trying to reach that number, or that I wanted it to coincide with my one-year anniversary, but it’s fortuitous.

If I am perfectly honest (and that I am, at least about this) I can’t say that every single thing I pledged to purge made it all the way out the door. Lonny digs some things out of the trash, the boys will notice me trying to sneak it out and protest, some things I simply change my mind about.


And that’s okay. I don’t want to get rid of things that I actually want, just the stuff I don’t want.

I’ll be conservative and say that 20% of the stuff stays. But with my numbers being doubled, even if 50% of the stuff stayed, I still reached my goal!

I’ll save the analysis for tomorrow, though.

Okay, time to cut the crap.


This is the back of my car, although you can’t tell because it’s rammed with stuff. This is all commercial lighting gear that Lonny bought an auction before the big Halloween party because, Hey! If we’re throwing a party, surely we must invest in a fuckload of commercial lights that may or may not work!

And Greg says I have mood swings. You’d have mood swings, too.

IMG_8587More stuff from the car. The passenger seat is full, too.

Anyway, he’s pulling out all the lenses that are boxed up to SELL ON EBAY and the rest is going to Vertical Fusion and APEX. Hopefully some of it will work and we can trade it for Parkour lessons for the boys.


Lonny? Are you reading this? I’m not kidding!

IMG_8588Gourds Scrotus brought home. You might say these are perishable and don’t count, but they do. They’ve been here since Halloween and could stick around forever if I let them.

I’m going to count the lights as ten (being conservative) and the gourds as three. 13 items today.

I’ve been killing it on Freecycle, by the way. I set up a shelf on my porch and people have been coming to get stuff. I love it!

7 thoughts on “One More Day (7293-7304)

  1. Wow, ONE YEAR! I’m so happy you are at the finish line but don’t know what I’ll do without my daily fix. On pins and needles about your end of year summation.

  2. I am so impressed that you stuck it out for a whole year. YAHOOOO. Are you going to continue blogging but have a different theme? It looks like you have developed a blogging family and would be too missed to stop now.
    A quick note……yeah sure…I am in the midst of organizing….I just had to take a food break. I mentioned to my mom about what you said when she was making her doll house. We both forgot that she was going through chemo at the time and that was what kept her sane. ( One of my sisters already has first dibs on it). It is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Today marks 1 year for the blog? Cool, and coincidentally also your chosen alternate birthday! So Happy Blog-day, or whatever. I’m not clear, though, does this mean you’re done writing daily posts? Like your dad, I’m feeling some apprehension about the possibility. My guess is, the discipline of daily writing has become something you’d feel incomplete without; and even if the daily purging reports were to disappear (and how could they? one thing we’ve learned is, there’s never gonna be an end to the stuff…) you’ve got plenty to say about anything and everything. As a writer you’re the real deal, altogether irrepressible. Love & Congrats, Viv,

    • Thanks Greg. I just chose today as my “alternate” birthday this year because I didn’t have the energy or desire to celebrate (aka, spend money and end up hung over and tired the next day) until this was over.

  4. p.s. I realize what the date actually marks, meaning the Process of Elimination project. But come on, you can’t just ditch us!…can you?

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