2013 In Review (7361)

I got this annual report today from WordPress. The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 90,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about […]

Will It Shred (7357-7360)

I’ve had quite a weekend, nothing fun I assure you. My dad and step-mom are arriving shortly so I need to get this up and go. Tabby is still in England so I have Chiquita. I’m in love with that stupid dog. This video is for her. Sorry about the strange framing. Chicky is having […]

Drinking With the Dog

At first glance this video appears to be an irresponsible, drunk post. I was drinking with the dog. But just wait until the end. By the way, Blue makes that sound all the time. He likes to come up to me in bed while I am sleeping and do that in my face to get […]

Dream House

I had the most epic anxiety dream last night. Loony blames the thick comforter on the guest bed. In fact, he blames sleeping in an overheated bed for just about everything, especially strange dreams. The one on our bed, that my MIL is sleeping in, is a summer weight, so thin that you can see […]

Merry Fucking Christmas

I think cynical Christmas posts are a genre unto themselves. Today I read a particularly good one from Moneypenny which pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about the holiday. I am poised to add to the genre but I thought I would check out my archives just to see what I put up […]

Meowy Catsmas!

I did a tiny bit of Christmas shopping today, if you can call it that. I made iPhoto calendars for the coming year. I can’t believe I put it off until today. They won’t get here in time to put under the … er … nothing … but I should be able to send my […]

Questionable Meat (7337-7356)

Loony: Oh my god! What’s that terrible smell? Is it Blue’s face? Me: It’s dinner, motherfucker. I’m making cod cakes. Loony: Jesus … are they safe to eat? Me: Relax, I’ll cook them for a long time. These are actually really good. COD CAKES Be sure to let the cod cakes firm up in the […]

The Next 17 Days (7336)

Hey everybody, this is my last non-morose post for 17 days. Wanna know why? I’m terrible, right? I should savor the moment, right? Guess what? I do. Curling up in bed with my boys and hearing about their day (and maybe doing a little smooching) is by far the best part of my day. And […]

How Cats Get Away With Being A$$holes (7335)

The Fucking Cat has gotten into the toilet paper, yet again. Don’t chide me about this. I have no problem keeping the shower door closed. It’s someone else in this house who has the problem. Yet still, she continues to be a part of our family. Why? WHY?! Here’s why. She’s damn cute. Here she […]

Food Posts are Boring But I’m Doing It Anyway (7334))

I’m addicted to this song by Urban Species, featuring Imogen Heap. Listen to the song while reading, if you like. Why do I love her so much when she collaborates with other musicians but hate her solo work so badly? How can you be sublime and suck at the same time? I guess I have a […]