I Promised to Cut Some Crap Today (7145-7159)

This morning I got up and made a video of my office transformation to send to Tabby before we met for our walk. Lonny was getting dressed as I panned past our open door and it illustrated perfectly why I wanted to get the eBay room off the second floor.

On any day this could be me darting around naked and scaring our staff.

How does Lonny feel about me posting video of his naked butt on the internet? Well, he’d have to read my blog to know about it, wouldn’t he? Heheh.

Oh the cackle the boys and I got out of this one!

Lest you all think I’m going limp just steps away from the finish line, I’ve got some crap to cut today. Let’s get to it.


I’ve moved the furniture in my office so many times. You can’t know what works for you until you’ve sat with it for a while. I have some gigantic pieces of heavy furniture that I don’t even dare to ask Lonny to move again.

Fortunately Shé said she’d drop by after her CPR recertification.

I was just toweling off from a shower when I heard Lonny calling my name.

Lonny: Viv, Shé’s here!

Me: Dammit, I just got out of the shower! She’s just a minute too late to join me!

Oh. Hi Ivan. (Shé’s husband. Awkward.)

You think I’m kidding, right? Ask Lemony, I say stupid shit like this all the time.


Despite me sexually harassing his wife, Ivan still helped moved the couch. Notice how helpful Blue is.

To thank her for stopping by, I gave her this lovely bust made of tiny snail shells. A friend turned me on to this piece a dozen years ago and I ordered it from Seaside, Oregon. I loved it then but I realize that I don’t need to own it anymore. I like it but Shé loves it. I’m so happy to give it to her.


I hope she gets as much enjoyment out of it as I have.

I have quite a collection of vintage suitcases. I opened one to find all this nifty fabric that I used for a project a long time ago. I’m going to donate it to the school.



This is apropos of nothing, but I came across this video of Marion Crampe while uploading my video to youtube. She’s a French pole artist/performer/instructor and superstar. Oh my God. She’s amazing!

I’ve never met her, but I hope to go to Pole Expo next year and maybe take a workshop with her.

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