I Hate Moving

Hey! Guess what?


Chicken butt, that’s what!

Sorry, it’s a joke the kids and I like to kick around.

I have only nine more days left of this project. NINE! I am thrilled beyond words. Thrilled to have committed to a crazy project and not only seen it through to the end, but killed it. Thrilled but kind of depressed.

I have my work cut out for me in the next nine days, though. In addition to reaching twice my original purging goal of 3650 items, I have been on a major house reorganization project.


I was telling Shé that I hate to move yet I have moved so much in my life. I took a quick accounting.

  1. Born in Thailand
  2. Moved to Pitsburgh when I was a toddler
  3. Moved to SLC and lived in a rented house
  4. Moved into family housing in SLC
  5. Moved to the home my father still lives in
  6. Folks split up, moved to San Francisco
  7. Moved to Sacramento
  8. Moved to another apartment in Sacramento
  9. Moved back to dad’s house in SLC
  10. Moved to Boston for a semester, hated it
  11. Moved to Boulder where I lived in a house with people
  12. Moved to my first apartment by myself
  13. Moved to the first house I bought
  14. Moved to the second house I bought (with my then husband)
  15. Moved into this house with Lonny, main floor, and renovated the third floor
  16. Moved into the third floor for a blissful three months
  17. House caught on fire, moved into a house down the street for 13 months
  18. Moved into the third floor of this house once it was restored
  19. Had two babies, moved back into the main house

I move a lot because my parents divorced and my mother searched around for the right career path. She chose to get a PhD which led her from university to university.

Mom, if you are reading this, RESPECT. I cannot imagine how hard it was to move that many times with a small child.

Even after I settled into this house, I’ve reorganized my living situation several times. At first I had an office/guest room on the second floor (now known as the Marlo Suite). The kids were so little that I never used it, it was too far from them and the action (aka kitchen).

You gotta do what you gotta do.

So I moved it onto the first floor and turned in into a VRBO. Then Lonny took over the other room on the second floor for his eBay business (he said it was temporary but see how that went) which I have just reclaimed. I couldn’t bear to see one of the nicest rooms in the house act as a storage space. So that’s like two more mini-moves. I move and change a lot, even when I am committed to staying put.

What I like about moving (perhaps the only thing I like about moving) is the opportunity to look at the things I have with fresh eyes.

I realize that I want my office to be spare. I want nice, basic furniture, beautiful art on the walls and not much else. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the tchotchkes. I might box them up (it will only take one box, I don’t have much) and sit on them for a year or two, just to see if I miss them.


I might. Miss them, that is. You never know.

Meanwhile I need to focus my energy on the rest of the house. It is seriously fucked up down there. Things are making their slow journey out of my now office and into hallways and adjacent rooms, down the stairs, in the entry, dining room, living room, sun room …


This is all Lonny’s stuff to sell, and he will. That is if Minion isn’t getting fed up with my challenging his masculinity on a daily basis in order to get him to lift stuff.

I can do it myself, but I'd rather not.

“That’s okay. I can move it with Shé if you are feeling too worn out from your little workout this morning.”

It works every time.

And hopefully Moneypenny will come back after the electrical shock episode two days ago. Lonny changed a lightbulb over her head and she was showered with sparks and afraid to turn around and see Lonny look like this:


Shé sent me this action list for the next week. I need this right now. I’m feeling pretty limp and need someone to slap me around a little.

From what we’ve discussed, I think planning to work on these things would be a great start:


  • Move the small shelves and their contents to a new area
  • Arrange and hang artwork along wall where shelves were
  • Finish moving the bins/bags from the VRBO suite down to the sunroom
  • Message Melanie about curtains/rods (if she has a use for them?)
  • Start looking for a rug for underneath the desk/table
  • Whatever else you need to feel like your new office space is usable/functional and inspiring!


  • Sort Lonny’s packaging/shipping materials and discard unwanted/unusable items and organize the rest
  • Figure out a better place/flow for the Ebay workroom (where do tables/shelves work best?)
  •  Sort dresser drawers in Ebay room, organizing and labeling them according to their contents (I’m thinking this would be a great place for either shipping/office supplies or items to be listed/sold that are small or delicate–sunglasses, cords, etc)

Isn’t she dreamy? Like lifting heavy furniture, this is something I could do all by myself … but I don’t want to.

5 thoughts on “I Hate Moving

  1. You have motivated me to do some serious organizing. My sewing room/jewelry room/studio/etsy room was no longer functional. So I looked for weeks on Craigslist to buy the perfect shelf for this peticular spot, (although Basil thought I should just make one)I gave the dresser that was there to our new tenant and then threw everything out of the drawers and off the shelves. Had to modify some smaller shelves(cutting particle board then trying to drill holes or put nails into it wasn’t successful)had I known the hassle of this little project I might have considered just making one….I will keep you posted on my progress. It is very overwhelming because I have mass amounts of jewlery making stuff and sewing stuff being that I have been doing both for 40years….I actually took some pictures yesterday, but it is even worse now. (I could send you some pictures but not sure how?) It could only make you feel better……:)

    • I would LOVE to see them! If you are feeling brave, I’ll post them, too. No one has had the guts to let me do that. I guess I’m so used to exposing myself that I don’t understand why anyone would be shy.

      I have a bunch of beading and jewelry stuff to get rid of, too. I need to get real, I’ll never make any of that stuff.

  2. To you: Respecto. Your dedication to purging is killer. But I Iove this: “What I like about moving (perhaps the only thing I like about moving) is the opportunity to look at the things I have with fresh eyes.” I tend to just toss things (I love getting rid of stuff – everything, but books). I never reflect on them. I’ve moved a lot too as a child – and when I first got my own place – I thought having a “home” meant filling it up with stuff – that is why I am such a diehard purger now, that – and I don’t like to dust and clean. 😉

    • It sounds like we have similar backgrounds. I think I moved at least every two years between 2nd and 9th grade. I, too, thought that having a home meant filling it full of treasures, but the line between treasure and clutter became blurred.

      I’m so into getting rid of stuff, and I won’t say that dusting doesn’t have a lot to do with it!

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