Day Five: Rounding the Bend (7113-7123)

Today started bright and early at 7am when Shé showed up. She wanted to start early because she had to leave before noon to babysit.

Ready to tackle the day.

Ready to tackle the day.

It was pretty obvious that she wouldn’t be able to get the painting done today but she wanted to put a dent in it.

Then she got a call around 10:00 and she asked me if I was ready to get happy.


The kids she was supposed to babysit both are sick so she can stay until 5:00! Hooray!

I mean, that’s too bad about the kids being ill but I’m sure they’ll get over it.

She painted while I organized and put stuff away and at the end of the day we pretty much got it done.

What it looks like now.

What it looks like now.

There is still so much to do, we still need to patch the wall (and by we, I mean Shé), I came to the conclusion that I don’t want shelves full of tchotchkies, no matter how cute they are so I’ll have to do something about that, and I can’t figure out where I want my desk to be.

I don't want these shelves or anything on them.

I don’t want these shelves or anything on them.

But seriously, we killed it today. It was so gratifying.

The rest of the house is messed up, though. Really messed up. I felt a deep twinge of sympathy for Lonny as now he is faced with a colossal project. There are piles of clothes everywhere and in places he can’t ignore. Like, in the middle of living room.


Blocking the hall


Can’t go to bed until we move this.

He’s always so busy, he can barely keep up with regular life. This is a gigantic additional project that he didn’t sign up for suddenly dropped into his lap.

That man has the patience of Job.



Which would make me God. Just sayin’.

Me. God.

Me. God.

He’s at the hardware store right now getting stuff to fix a disaster. He tried changing the bulb in the chandelier in the eBay room and the thing shorted out. It melted the base of the bulb and the glass. Sparks went everywhere and burnt little holes in some of his merchandise. That poor guy.

He works so hard and doesn’t really complain … much. I’d be a ball of frustration and rage if it were me. I owe him some serious love.


Here’s what it looks like now.


Where do I put the damn desk?


I’m giving the couch to Shé and will replace it with a guest bed. Pull-outs are the worst.

I got rid of several bags of crap, but I foresee more getting tossed out soon. Right now I’m just trying to contain the disaster and I’ll go through everything in more manageable chunks.


I threw out a couple bags like this.


A humidifier that Lonny bought at a thrift store and we never used. It’s the steam kind and I’m afraid someone will get a burn. Years later …

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