Day Four: It Gets Worse (7102-7112)

It’s day four of the It-Gets-Worse-Before-It-Gets-Better Project. It got pretty bad today.

Everything that was once in the eBay room is now off the second floor and was all over the first floor.


This is only 1/3rd of what was in that one room.

I can’t live with my house torn apart so I moved everything to the sunroom. We got our first major snowstorm of the year with very cold temperatures, which turns the sunroom into an icebox.

I recall a couple years ago I evicted Lonny’s stuff out of the sunroom and he ended up in the 2nd floor room … temporarily. I don’t want to fall into that trap of shuffling stuff around the house but he claims he needs time to build shelves in the garage so he can store the merchandise in a way that allows access.

That seems fair. The room is so cold that no one can use it right now and I am resolved to not fall into complacency. I’ll ask Shé to come in once a week to stay on his case until it’s done. As long as the stuff keeps moving out the door.

He’s completely taken with her (as am I) and I think she’ll have better luck with bossing him around than I will.


The only thing that kept me going today was Shé. I emptied out my new office enough for her to start painting.

She reminds me so much of myself when I was her age, so full of energy and ready to dive into the most odious projects. Thank god she’s for hire.

Watching her unscrew hardware, spackle and paint was good for my spirits but also quite the distraction. I kept wanting to go in and hang out with her and watch her work. She was like, “You can watch, but it will cost more.”

Can I just say that she is the tidiest painter ever? She didn’t tape or put a drop cloth down and there wasn’t a single spot of paint out of place.

And oh, the deep pleasure I felt to watch her cover up old grime, scuffs and dirty handprints. I felt like I was being reborn!

Shé can do it all: minor plumbing, carpentry, painting, organizing, you name it. And she does it with such cheer. I need to put her on retainer before everyone figures out what a prize she is.


Speaking of prizes, I wish I could say we got rid of this “vintage” barb wire. Lonny says it comes from some pretty interesting places and he can sell it on eBay, for a lot.

He’s been saying this for a while. I want him to list it so I can really see what it’s worth, or not worth, but either way I want it out of my house. How does one ship barbed wire, anyway?


The other day Minion asked why Shé was forced to do all the “grunt” work.

I protested that she wasn’t forced to do anything, she likes the work. In retaliation for the gross misrepresentation of my managerial style, I ordered Minion to load up the back of the van with boxes of stuff to go to the garage.

After all that, the sunroom, dining room table AND the new office are packed. It is unbelievable how much stuff was crammed into that one room.

The rest of my life persists through all of this. I try to get the house cleaned up enough that the boys will have room to run around when they get home and not inadvertently impale themselves with barbed wire or a blow dart.


My heaven on earth. Testy with the best cat ever.


Something I never thought I’d see, my son digging into a book. By choice!

Then I got a fantastic text from Waeli. I love it when people invite themselves over!

ImageThe woman is half my age but I roll right over for her. I might screw up the nerve to take her mixed levels tomorrow at Vertical Fusion. I hear she’s extra mean. Swoon!

She said she’d teach me the Devil’s Elbow, which I really am not eager to get into.

Yes, ma’am.

Here’s Waeli at the 2013 Colorado Pole Championship.

We had a great time flopping around on the floor with her puppy and Blue and the kitten. Lonny had to get her a paper bag to hyperventilate into when he brought Pussy Galore out. Seriously, I thought she was going to pass out from all the cuteness.

Here is something cute/violent. Her puppy never met a dog as big as Blue. It didn’t take her long to figure out how to dominate him. Poor thing.


The best you can do with Blue in the picture.


Us with Blue and Dziga. I totally got her geeky film reference.


Dziga wore Blue down, which is good because it was too cold to walk very much.


Such a pretty girl. Next time I will have my pole set up so I can order her to do tricks for me. Woot!

That’s it for today. Shé said she’s going to show up at 7am tomorrow to finish painting so we can move furniture around and start having some fun!

How much crap did I cut? Lots of bags of bags, a clothing defuzzer that doesn’t work, some horrible poster art left over from a housemate, and miscellaneous crap. I’ll call it ten.

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