Office Shuffle: Day 3 (7052-7102)

Today I’m going it alone. Shé has other appointments but promised to be back tomorrow.

I am a little embarrassed by how much I rely on her for support and motivation, but that’s what professional organizers are for.


I am fully capable of doing everything myself and I’ve done it all before a hundred times, but I have a lot of resistance to this project, probably because there are so many complex marital emotions involved. It’s also possible that I see this as the culmination of my year-long journey and part of me is scared (though excited) to have it end.

I can’t tell you how much it helps to have help, though. It’s kind of a “duh” thing to say, but really, having someone, even someone not as skilled as Shé makes such a difference.

She’s not attached to the stuff nor involved in the drama. She seems to only have one thing on her mind: “What are we going to do next?” It’s perfect.

We start on time, break for lunch, and work until the kids get home from school.

Today I’m going to try to clear the remaining table in the room so she can paint it tomorrow.


We had to do this today.


It turned into this.

I originally painted it a shade of light green. Celery, if you will. In the right light it is okay, in the wrong light it is a barfy baby green color that makes me feel like I’m in a nursery or a nursing home. 

I love the blue of my vacation rental (I call it The Marlo Suite) so she’s going to paint it that color. Then we can move furniture into that room, hang pictures and paint the other half of the space.

Perhaps I am being over ambitious to hope that it will be done by December 3rd, but wouldn’t that be divine?


This is a pile of stuff ready to leave the house. WOOT!

Meanwhile Lonny is going to sort and store the boxes that are hanging out in the guest room and we’ll all be happy that it’s over.

Good news! There was much more levity today as Lonny tried on some outfits, like this fantastic biking jersey.

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Here’s some of the stuff we got rid of.

Not pictured: more bags of bags and lots and lots of hangers. Lots.

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  1. What might those trout flies worth, resold? Hard to say. Retail they’re roughly $1.50- $2.50, and from what I can see in the close-up they’re not junk. And the boxes themselves probably have some value too. But you guys aren’t running a tackle shop so there’s really no way to sell them off one by one. A hundred bucks for the lot, to an interested buyer, would be a good deal Amazing the shit Lonnie comes up with…

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