The Other 99 Percent (6908-6910)

I blog about the interesting things in my life, but my day-to-day is actually quite pedestrian. That is when I’m not hosting pole deities or going to crazy parties. For the most part I consider myself in the housekeeping business.

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1% of the time.

Lonny and I run two fairly popular short-term rentals which means we clean lots of toilets and make lots of beds.

The other 98% of the time.

The other 99% of the time.

I keep myself occupied by listening to podcasts. This American Life, RadioLab, Dan Savage and Fresh Air with Terry Gross are some of my favorites.

Today I listened to a story on RadioLab about Dawn of Midi, and acoustic minimalist group with fascinating music. Give it a listen if you are feeling open minded. I kind of love it. Everything sounds like noise when I’m trying to write, but this doesn’t.

This is for Rebecca, a new friend who is interested in music. Hopefully she can take me to some new places.

I clean toilets, fold towels and try to better myself by listening to quirky radio shows. It could be worse.

Enjoying an Affogato for breakfast. I was feeling effusive. How bad can it be?

Enjoying an Affogato for breakfast. I was feeling effusive and grateful. I can’t complain about anything.

Also while wielding the bowl brush, I’ve been thinking about my classes. I’m teaching a four week beginning choreography class that starts tonight.

Having just completed Marlo Fisken’s elevatED Instructor Training (read a detailed review of it here), I’m challenging myself to think more about how I structure a class, how I can integrate the curriculum into the day’s warm-up and create a natural progression.

I’ll let you know how it goes tonight.

So far this has been our best visit with Tabby’s chihuahua. We haven’t experienced any of the territorial marking or “accidents” that have marred previous stays. We’re all falling a little in love with him. I mean, It.

Time to cut the crap.


More tiny pants. I don’t know where they are coming from but every time I fold laundry I find more!


I’m not going to count these because they are things I’m shipping to New York for Marlo, but I am getting them out of the house.

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