Walking the Dog (6904-6908)

Do you remember this iconic photograph?


Since I have Chicky at the house this week, I decided it was time to go there.

I dragged Lonny on a walk with me, dangling the carrot that he could look at my ass the entire time. He said he misses my ass and made some veiled reference to absence making the heart grow fonder.

Complaint received.

I pointed out that I would be more inclined towards marital relations if I wasn’t stressed about being busted by the boys. It’s a major mood killer.

BUT if he cleared out the eBay room, like I’ve been after him to do forever, we could move across the hall from the boys and I might feel a bit less inhibited.

The ball’s in your court, big guy.


Meanwhile, take a picture, it will last longer. Seriously, I’m almost 42. This shit is not going to last much longer.

IMG_7636 - Version 2Anyway, this is my version of the photo. I need to find a bona fide photographer to do a better job with it, though. I think it could be cute.


This photo is for torturing Tabby. This is Chicky’s bedroom eyes look. She thinks he only does it to her. He is a total slut, or even worse, he’s faking it with her but really loves me.

IMG_7619 - Version 2

Time to cut the crap.

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