Supermarket Sampler

I dropped by Whole Foods yesterday to pick up some cheese after striking out at my local supermarket. I really like their cheese selection otherwise, especially their descriptions.

IMG_7262I bought some of this Saint Angel and yes, a chorus of angels led by Marvin Gaye did start singing ever so smoothly.

I have yet to identify the author of these funny little cards, but I like him or her.

Raw sheep's milk aged Manchego omelet with home fries and seared greens. You must be a pole deity to get this treatment.

Manchego and tomato omelet with home fries and seared greens. I defeated Marlo with this breakfast, she had me wrap the potatoes up for lunch.

While I had no intention of purchasing an overpriced raspberry bar from the Whole Foods self-serve bakery section, I had to see if someone took a bite of one and put it back.


GUILTY! It’s the Carmelita bar this time, Cushie’s favorite. But she would never do this. Never.

Every time I check the bakery I find a bar that someone took one bite of and then put back. EVERY TIME!

1) That’s weird. Who does that? It’s gross.

2) Why not eat the whole thing, it’s not like anyone’s going to buy it.

3) I threw it away. You’re welcome.

Isn’t that just nuts? Who does that shit? Is it the same person every time? Is it lots of people? What are the chances that each time I go to Whole Foods (and I don’t have a regular schedule) I find the same thing?

I don't really think a few germs are risky, but it is strange behavior.

I don’t really think a few germs are risky, but it is strange behavior.

I’m gonna stake out the bakery one day and catch the snacker red-handed.

In other news, Scrotus had a root canal the other day to continue the restoration of his knocked out tooth. He was such a trooper. Root canals aren’t fun and the amount of anesthetic they had to shoot into his gums was staggering.

IMG_7302I requested gas for him, just to make it a better experience. I told the Endodontist (who was rather cute even though his thighs touch) that I was feeling rather stressed about it, too and perhaps I could have some gas as well.


It doesn’t hurt to ask. I read to Scrotus (and the dental team) during the procedure and everything went as smoothly as possible.

I'm a very good reader.

I’m a very good reader.

X-rays show that his body is treating the tooth as a foreign object and is starting to fill the socket with bone even though there is a tooth in there. Not good.

Hopefully we can arrest the process and keep the tooth in place at least until Scrote’s jaw stops growing. He removed the pulp and packed the tooth with medicine to fight the infection that is setting off the body’s reaction. After that another specialist will place fibers within the tooth to strengthen it. Then maybe one day he’ll need an implant.


The bottom line is that this will probably be a $10,000 tooth. Sigh.

Tonight I’m performing with the Norwegian Nanny and Moneypenny at the Bohemian Biergarten. I have given this exactly no thought. I’m just gonna show up and see what happens. If nothing else I will bust my signature move which is digging my spankies out of my butt crack. Sexily.

I must say that middle age in Boulder is not at all what I expected. Coming from Utah I thought that it was all downhill after you had kids. That’s not to say that the young crowd won’t scoff at the 40+ woman pole dancing, but who knows? I can’t be bothered to worry about that.


I was going to cut the crap, but between Lara Michael’s workshop, a kid birthday party, shuttling people around and a near x-pole disaster, I’m out of time. Sorry.


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  1. Oh I’m sorry to hear about Scrotus’s body rejecting the tooth. But glad the root canal is over. I feel your pain with the dental bills. Do you have an HSA?? 🙂

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