Lululemon: It’s Not Me, It’s You (6885-6892)

Is Lululemon trying to go out of business? Because if they are, they are doing an excellent job of it.

I was on Facebook searching for something to get worked up over because let’s face it, that’s all social media is good for unless you are in the middle of a civil war and need to know where it is safe to hide.


Otherwise it just gets me pissed off and angry.

I came across this interview with Chip Wilson, the Founder of Lululemon, weighing in on why his yoga pants suddenly suck.

I used to be a hardcore Lululemon fan. I’d get the alert that new stuff was in the store and I’d book down there to get first pick given that my size sells out pretty fast.

Those were my aerobics/pre-blog days. Since then I’ve stopped buying much at Lulu, or anywhere at all, because of my commitment to consuming less. And really, how many yoga pants and tops does a gal need?

I even sold some of my pieces on eBay because I realized I bought them because I was such a brand whore that I wasn’t paying attention to whether they were flattering or comfortable.

But the yoga pants I had were great and I was kind of amused with the new, inadvertently see-through versions.

Photo: Racked NY/Twitter

Photo: Racked NY/Twitter. For the record, I think she has a nice body.

I can only come to one conclusion: they switched fabrics and didn’t do sufficient product testing.

It’s not hard to do. Put the pants on, bust a Down Dog and look in the mirror. Can you see your butt-crack? Well it’s back to the drawing board for you.

I don’t know why they haven’t managed to fix the problem. Here’s what I’d do. I’d go back to the old fabric. You’re welcome.

But instead Chip Wilson decided to commit career suicide on Bloomberg TV by saying that their fabric is sheer and pills not because it is lower quality but because, “quite frankly some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for it.”

How yoga of him.

Despite his wife giving him the stink-eye, he went on to say, “It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time and how much they use it.”


So if your thighs rub together, your Lulu pants will look like shit, especially if you “use it” a lot, as in regular wear.

So you’re saying that if my thighs touch, I should not wear my pants lest they fall apart? Or I could just starve myself into looking like a stick figure? That’s great. Thank you.


Who knows why this woman’s legs are so thin. That’s not the point. All I know is that I feel no need to look like her rather than like me.

My thighs touch, which means they rub I guess. I’m immune to the thigh-gap obsession because I associate that with teenagers and people who are thinner than I care to be. Beauty and self worth shouldn’t be dictated by the girth of one’s thighs.

I don’t get the thigh gap thing. I love my legs. I love my butt. I love my body that made two babies and can get up in the morning and dance and walk the dog.

I need that meat on my thighs to bust a cross ankle release on the pole which, while possible with skinny legs, is a lot harder.

Chip, are you paying attention? WOMEN buy your products. Don't piss them off. Take a note from this guy.

Chip, are you paying attention? WOMEN buy your products. Don’t piss them off. Take a note from this guy.

So guess what, Lululemon? I’m breaking up with you. I’m sick of your overpriced products that have steadily declined in quality and your bullshit strategy for dealing with product flaws.


We are officially over. And just for the record, it’s not me. It’s you.

Time to cut the crap.

31 thoughts on “Lululemon: It’s Not Me, It’s You (6885-6892)

  1. Ahh love this post. Between Chip Wilson and the CEO (or whoever) of Abercrombie and Fitch that said he doesn’t want “ugly and fat” people wearing his clothes–I’m pretty fed up with clothing companies. I used to be a fan of Lulu too, but I feel like I could get better, cheaper clothes somewhere else.
    I Loveeee your voice and you look so beautiful on camera. Love your purges. It always feels good to get rid of stuff!

    • Thanks Lily! And you know I love your blog. Especially when you tell people to “please just shut up.” Lulu used to be better, but their fabrics and designs have gotten less interesting while other companies have taken notice. Besides, these days I just prance around in my underwear and call it good.

      • And it’s not like Chip is a good looking guy. He looks like a middle aged dude. Much like the middle aged women who buy his overpriced clothes. We (as in me and my friends, not you because you are young) are his market. We actually have enough money to afford dropping $100 on a pair of yoga pants, not the 12 year-old waifs he’s trying to appeal to. But not anymore.

  2. I’m done with them, too. Not so done I’m gonna ditch what I already own, but there are plenty of places that don’t piss me off and will gladly take my money. Pearl Izumi and Lululemon can kiss my butt, which is probably too slow and too large for either of their target markets.

  3. I know nothing about the Lululemon controversy, I think it must be a hardcore chick thing. Right now I’m trying to figure out if my own thighs touch/rub or not. I don’t think they do. That’s good, right?

    What I really wanted to say this morning is that you’re writing better than ever these days, Viv. I opened today’s post, read this :

    “I was on Facebook searching for something to get worked up over because let’s face it, that’s all social media is good for unless you are in the middle of a civil war and need to know where it is safe to hide.”

    and cracked up out loud in the coffee shop. No shit, coffee up my nose and people were looking at me…but I love your voice, which is getting more “you” all the time..

    • Thanks Greg! I don’t know if my writing is improving or if this particular post just perfectly speaks to your thoughts on social media. Hatebook, indeed.

      It is interesting to see what happens when you do something every day for a year. I wonder why I have so much resistance to stretching every day. I could be so flexible.

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  7. Really think you should put more thought into why you’re rocking that bowl cut than what pantaloons you wear. Sayin’.

    Yer welc’

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