One Day (6881-6884)

This is another blog I’m going to get in under the wire.

It was one of those days where I questioned my commitments about every second of the day. I offered to host a small dinner gathering for Lara Michaels, a New York pole instructor who is in town to teach at Vertical Fusion.

I like having people over and entertaining people is easy for me. But still, when the day starts out hectic and never slows down, I ask myself whether I am doing too much. Then the evening gets rolling and I am reminded of why I love my life.

I’m going to walk you through my day, and through the stuff I got rid of.


I woke up bright and early to come downstairs and discover that the cat (AKA Pussy Galore) had discovered the joys of toilet paper. She got into the rolls and had a good old time. Bad kitty. I’ll order Moneypenny to punish her severely.


I’m still on a quest to find the limits of Marlo’s appetite. She put this breakfast down. Seriously, there is a half pound of sausage, two eggs and potatoes there. With kraut. Tomorrow is another day. Victory will be mine.


I got the boys out the door for school and emptied the dishwasher and am coming to terms with the deep affinity that Pussy Galore has for clean dishes. I can’t keep her out of there. Cats are naturally helpful, you know.


I made a trip to Costco to provision for the night’s meal and came across this mini recliner for sale. This package image mystified me.


There are two sedentary kids on the cover. One is playing with an iPhone and the other is watching her play with the iPhone. What about this image would make me want to buy this recliner? So my kid can be a couch potato, too?


Lonny informed me that the Frye boots I ordered Minion to list sold for $193. More than I paid for them! WOOT!


There is shit all over the porch. I tried to make a dent in it by getting rid of this creepy wig that came home from the party. It isn’t mine. TRASH, or something.


Blue has a bunch of these tiny squirrels. I keep throwing them out once he decrapitates them.


A spotlight that I am going to give to APEX to go with the disco ball.


I’m also giving this to APEX because they walk on air.


Lara arrived first for dinner and I got to have a moment to get to know her outside of the studio setting. She is so lovely. I can’t wait to take her class!


Lemony brought her daughter over and she explored all the nooks and crannies of the third floor penthouse. We didn’t have a guest in it so we took the party to the third floor and lived large for the night.


I enjoy floor dinner parties. Marlo brought some of the APEX men back with her. I am still getting to know them and always welcome an opportunity to make a connection. Amos was like, “Wait. That’s your disco ball?” That’s right, baby. And now it’s yours! Just keep teaching my kids.


After dinner activities turned into tests of strength and flexibility. Lara and Marlo did the “New York Walk” and Marlo taught us how to do shoulder rolls.

She is probably the boys’ new favorite person, especially since they just found out that she is one of the stars of our favorite pole video ever. She’s the first one on the pole, FYI.

Seriously, I’ve watched this video over one hundred times. The boys have seen it plenty of times, too. Their favorite part is the x-ray (which happens to be Marlo). When I figured this out I kind of had a mini fan-girl meltdown.

In case you are tsking about the boys watching pole dancers, get over it. In my mind and theirs, it’s no different than watching gymnastics or dance.

I’ve watched Marlo’s hand slowly sweep behind her and rotate around to find and grasp her foot over and over. It’s my favorite part. It shows all the intention, control and skill in one gesture. I was freaking out inside.

I feel like I make progress towards acting more normal and adult around her and then something happens to remind me of how much I admire her and I immediately regress to being a smitten 15 year-old again. Will it ever end?

Anyway, the boys think she’s really cool as she gave “human jungle gym” new meaning. She was spinning them around, flying them on her legs, doing handstands, teaching them fun tricks and letting them drag her around on the floor for, like, an hour. She’s amazing with kids.

Marlo. You are very patient.


Will I shop and cook and clean to have this life? To get to know these people? Yes. Thank you Marlo and Lara for coming to Boulder.

6 thoughts on “One Day (6881-6884)

  1. Wow! The videos (even including one one of Marlo being tortured by the boys) leaves me forever in awe of Pole Dancing and you and your friends. Fantastic post–fantastic life. I’m so happy for you. LD

    • It’s pretty fun. Marlo is like a human Gumby the way her arms and legs and back can go any which way. She knows lots of fun party games, what a gas!

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