Under the Wire (6856)

I take my commitments seriously and I’m not about to collapse right before the finish line. I said I’d get rid of stuff every day and blog about it. For a year, which ends in exactly 31 days! Woot!

I’ve been out all weekend with Marlo Fisken’s elevatED Pole Instructor Training and tonight I had to choose between writing a real post or having dinner with Marlo (and Meredith and Ken and Ryan and Erica).

I chose life. Seriously, I don’t get to hang out with them all the time.

But still, I carry on. Here’s my purge for today: one pair of boots.


They aren’t just any boots, though. They are Frye Harness boots, total classics.

I had been coveting them for years and found a pair on consignment (for not very cheap, about what I’d pay on eBay) and bought them despite my reservations that they made my feet look gigantic.

A couple years later and having only worn them two or three times (but once to the stock show!) I am going to sell them. Actually, I’m going to make Minion sell them.

That’s right. I’m going to give him a direct order tomorrow.

I’m sure I will get my original amount back which is good because I bought some terribly overpriced boots recently but they are so comfortable and they don’t look like clown shoes on me.

So it’s just one item but by far more valuable than ten pieces of crap. Plus, I always felt a twinge of shopper’s remorse when I saw them gathering dust in my closet.

I bought them because they looked great on other people. The neither looked great or made my feet feel good so it was time for them to go.

(Ethan, I decided to take your advice and set my feet free! Thanks for being hunky and wanting your lady friends to live without pain.)

I’m determined to sell enough of my footwear to pay for the new boots I bought. I would rather have one pair that fits great and is exactly what I want than four pair of shoes that fit neither bill.

I’m going to leave you with a song that I love. Marlo played it during one of the movement labs and I followed her around the house and studio singing the lyrics until she figured out which song I was talking about.

I thought it sounded like Bjork and was decidedly Icelandic. It turned out to be Flunk (Common Sense Kohib Remix), one of my favorite groups from just before I started making babies and checked out of the music scene.


7 thoughts on “Under the Wire (6856)

  1. Dude, I am the same. It was either get home and finish my blog by Sunday like I was supposed to… or go out to dinner with friend-people/Marlo Fisken…Really, with the additional fact that I haven’t gone out with friends in over a month, my decision was pretty obvious.
    Still, you are obviously more responsible than I am.

    • Well, you could have gone my direction and thrown up a picture of your old shoes and called it done. Not exactly blogging but I figure since I set an unreasonable goal, I could go limp every now and then. How would it sound in ten years to be all, “I could have had dinner with Marlo but I decided to write a blog again.” Serious regrets. You never would have seen that thing she does with her shoulders. HOLY SHIT!

  2. So what happens after 31 days? Will you close the blog? Move on to throwing away/selling/donating other people’s crap? You could have a TLC-type show…but maybe on a more risque channel. I don’t think you can say fuck on TLC.

    • I’m going to stop writing on the weekends, for one. I’ll keep purging but maybe focus on the stuff Lonny gets rid of. I’m sure I’ll keep writing about the stupid stuff that happens to me.

    • I’ll keep writing, it’s kind of a habit now and very therapeutic. People really don’t read much on the weekends. You know, that life thing. Flunk is great if you like electronica. It’s very inspiring in the dance studio, lots of layers to work with.

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