All I Got (6854-6855)

I don’t have much to say today. Actually, I do. I’m just too worn out from a day of training for the elevatED Pole Instructor Training Certification Program with Marlo Fisken.


It’s a fantastic program and I’m learning so much. Such as:

!) I can’t pole for shit.

2) I will never be as good as she is. In anything.

I can live with the second one. It’s unreasonable to aspire to her level of greatness. The first one? Well hell. Humility is good, right?

Marlo showed up yesterday to start the training and she’s staying at my house.

I’m working on boundaries. As in my boundaries. As in, I will not try to monopolize my guest’s time and force them to hang out with me like prisoners.

I did force her to make me breakfast. Actually, I didn't. I made her breakfast.

I did force her to make me breakfast. Actually, I didn’t. I made her breakfast.

I am reminded of what it’s like to be a brand new student and it just seems so easy to everyone but me. I’m going to call it Beginner’s Mind and see it as an opportunity to grow.


Marlo demonstrating spotting techniques with Lemony

I’m just tired. We ended the nine-hour day with shoulder rolls and I feel like I’ve wiped the studio floor with my face. The good news is that I finally am able to execute a forward roll without pitching off to the side.

The rest? I’ll work on it in open pole.

I’m excited about what I have learned and am still pinching myself over the opportunity. And Marlo is a gas when she gets punchy. If only I had my video camera rolling when she was teaching the Goal Post. Holy wow. She is seriously cool.

Also, Ken stripped down to his tiniest shorts (if you can call them that) and I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

I am in no way responsible for this!

I am in no way responsible for this!

Time to cut the crap.

Image 1

I admit to buying a new pair of boots. I will atone for my sins by selling off my (now vintage) Frye Engineers. I know they will make at least $100 on eBay. I intend to get rid of a couple pair of boots as penance.

Image 2

A pen from the guest room. I went in there to set Marlo’s clocks back for Daylight savings. Unlike this morning I did not interrupt her while she was foam rolling in her underpants. I’ll try again tomorrow. This is my pen, BTW. I’M TIRED!

I’m pulling the trigger on this blog and then turning in with my boys. I just got Hyperbole and a Half in the mail and I am SOOO excited to dig in.

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