Holiday Anti-Consumer Pledge (7262-7278)

I am taking a pledge to not buy anything during the holiday season with a few exceptions: Food and necessities like toilet paper and sunscreen Two gifts each for my children (from me AND Lonny) A bed (but I promise it will be from a thrift store) Yep, that’s it. Keep in mind that I […]

Thanksgiving Hangover

Thanksgiving was such a lovely day! We started by taking the boys to a neighborhood Thanksgiving parade (i.e. the adults drink Bloody Marys while the kids run around). I love this town. The evening turned out to be just as crazy as I suspected it would. I  got several texts asking me if I had […]

Thanksgiving Day Post (7259-7261)

It’s 6:37AM and I’m in my new room watching the sun come up while writing. It’s a dream come true! I have spent more time in my new office than I could have every imagined, and it’s not even done. This room has morphed into a tiny house inside a large house. You may have […]

T(urkey) Minus One Day (7171-7258)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and despite my repeated promises to myself to have a “small and low-key day” (I was actually considering going out to eat) I am expecting 21 people to show up at my house. I guess that’s what happens when you put an open invitation out to everyone you know. It’s how I […]

The Wu Plan (7160-7170)

Lonny and I ran into Wu today at Ozo. OF COURSE we bought his Earl Gray (I know! What the hell?) and he was all gracious like, “Really guys, you didn’t have to buy my ($2) drink.” Seriously? We were all, “YOU SEWED UP MY FRIEND’S FACE! FOR FREE!” He will never buy anything as […]

I Promised to Cut Some Crap Today (7145-7159)

This morning I got up and made a video of my office transformation to send to Tabby before we met for our walk. Lonny was getting dressed as I panned past our open door and it illustrated perfectly why I wanted to get the eBay room off the second floor. On any day this could […]

Roast Turkey, the Best Apple Pie and a Response

I got a response from my good friend and one of my original 13 readers to my oh so morose post the other day. He brings up some interesting points and I figured everyone might benefit from hearing the response. 1. I’m not around, not actually seeing you day-to-day, only getting impressions from what I […]

I Hate Moving

Hey! Guess what? Chicken butt, that’s what! Sorry, it’s a joke the kids and I like to kick around. I have only nine more days left of this project. NINE! I am thrilled beyond words. Thrilled to have committed to a crazy project and not only seen it through to the end, but killed it. […]

How Much Am I Worth? (7124-7144)

I’m a big fucking bummer today people. Be warned, I say “fuck” a lot in this post. I wrote this blog last night and was feeling really sorry for Lonny and maybe a tad bit generous. I have since hardened my heart. But this is what I wrote: ——————– Mostly I think Lonny needs our […]

Day Five: Rounding the Bend (7113-7123)

Today started bright and early at 7am when Shé showed up. She wanted to start early because she had to leave before noon to babysit. It was pretty obvious that she wouldn’t be able to get the painting done today but she wanted to put a dent in it. Then she got a call around […]