Youth Relations (6833-6842)

I’m not sure when it happened but I went from being that “young person” who hung out with “older people” to that “older person” that hangs out with “younger people.” That’s enough quotation marks.

As a child/teen/young adult I was drawn to the 30-something crowd. One of my closest friends was in her 50s when I was a teenager. Then I turned 30 and started living with Lonny in a house that I once labeled as quasi-collegiate-communal-living.


I tried to shake it off when we had our first child, convinced that now was the time to grow up and start acting like an adult. That, however, didn’t last very long. We found ourselves with too much space and not enough money so we took on housemates.

Then I got sick of finding new housemates when people eventually, inevitably, moved on. I hate Craigslist and the group of random weirdos that it serves up along with the occasional winners.

I wrote this lovely gem before I started the project and it still makes me giggle and fall in love with Lonny all over again.

This guy wanted to live me. Not really. But kind of.

Then we found VRBO and found a way to have people rent without having them in my kitchen. Awesome.

Lonny and I are drawn to aspects of youth culture. At family reunions I’m always hanging out with the kids even though I’m not really a kid person. Now the children in his family are mostly college bound and even more interesting to me.

My association with the pole studio, Lonny’s eBay business, and my general shenanigans keeps young people coming around the house. This is fun because I can impart all kinds of sage advice to them and feel like my life’s experiences haven’t been for naught.

Actual conversation VIA Instant Message which is, FYI, how young people communicate these days.

Actual conversation VIA Instant Message which is, FYI, how young people communicate these days.

I helped out my cute security guy the other day, too. Or “doing him a solid” in youthful parlance which to me has always meant a #2 in the diaper, who knew?

Cutie Pie: Karley, however you spell her name is sooo cute, i think im in love…. haha 😀

Me: Hmm. Carly. I am drawing a complete blank. Was she one of my dancers? Be more specific and I’ll try to bring her up.

Cutie Pie: She was the super super cute blonde boy scout coordinator 😀 there were two short girls dressed in beige boy scout outfits. One was a brunette named taylor and the other was carly. they were the ones that were making sure everything went smoothly. carried around a clipboard most of the time. any guesses???

Me: Ah. Yes. They were Kelly’s girls. Carly was the logistics person we hired for the evening. She’s a nanny, I think. You want me to get her contact info for you? Wait! Oh lookie what I found! (Phone number withheld)

Cutie Pie: Haha!!!! Well, I can’t go all creeper status and just call her up! She’d be like “uh, how did you get my number?!” haha! I need her last name so I can use Facebook, I have special techniques in the way of social networking 😉 What’s her last name?

(Like finding out everything about her on FB is not creeper status while calling up and saying, “Hey, I got your number from a mutual friend,” is? Kids these days.)

Me (to Kelly): Cutie Pie wants to “friend” her on FB. And other things.

Kelly (to me): Carly (name withheld) …. stalker!

Cutie Pie: haha! see this is why facebook is awesome! I have discovered that she is dating someone with my real name (name withheld) hahaha. No need to pursue, this hunt will be put on hold. 😀

Me: Ah Facebook. How did I ever date without you?

Cutie Pie: Haha! For real. but seriously, now i can move on 😛

Me: Time heals.


Do you see all the smiley faces and HAHAs and LOLs? What the hell is that?

I steered a fellow “mature” friend of mine away from using emoticons because they are emasculating and make you look like a 12 year-old girl. I could never be a bona-fide cougar, that shit just shrivels my, oh I don’t know. I should give kiddo the same advice.

But hey, what the hell do I know? I’m old. Maybe that shit is sexy. I love my old man but Cutie Pie can take his shirt off in front of me. Anytime.

God. I hope Cutie Pie doesn’t read my blog. I’m counting on him to “staff” my next bachelorette party. Now I just need to find someone who needs one.

Time to cut the crap.

3 thoughts on “Youth Relations (6833-6842)

    • I was TRYING to protect your identity. Actually, not really, but who can blame me for trying to pass off my ignorance as virtuous protectiveness? I don’t feel too bad, my mom occasionally spells Lonny’s name “Loonie.”

  1. As you well know, I can totally relate to the age disparity thing. (See? I can even pretend to use the lingo. Which actual young people always find truly disgusting…) A funny post, though, kind of all over the place thematically. & I see where you’ve referenced me (not by name, thank god!) re. the whole “unmanly” emoticon thing. “Sagely (sic) advice” indeed! I’ll never pull that one on you again. (p.s. I’ve been out of touch internet-wise for the past few days, and you’ll notice that this morning I’m blog-binging to catch up. Kind of fun to get the whole week in review like that…

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