Too Soon? (6825-6832)

My mind is a blank.

It might have something to do with those two margaritas Lonny and I had at Pete’s just now. It’s my first foray into drinks since Friday and it still feels a bit too soon.


We ran into a fellow party organizer and the conversation quickly turned to what we are going to do next year.


Me: “I’m not doing that again.”

Jim: “That’s what you said last year.”

Me: “No really. I’m done. That was a shitload of work.”

Jim: “Look, I’m not going to ask you the day after a big party if you want to do it again. I’ll hit you up in six months.”

Me: “Bastard.”

We’ve been getting lots of positive feedback about the evening. It seems that a good time was had by all. Even the former PTA President had a good time. SHE DROPPED OFF CUPCAKES AND A THANK YOU CARD!

No joke, they were as cute as these.

No joke, they were as cute as these.

Oh shit. She was there? Did she catch my hoochie show? I guess we’re good.

I must admit, it’s great to have a venue where my and my people can dance and be all freaky and no one can stop us. I mean, how often can you dump a gallon of glitter on a stage and go to town? And then pole dance all night with your crushes?

Not me, obviously, but she is definitely one of my pole crushes.

Not me, obviously, but she is definitely one of my pole crushes.

Halloween is the best time to push boundaries and have fun. Aside from at the studio and in my living room, that doesn’t happen.

I have a friend who just got a book deal off of her blog. She’s one of the lucky ones. We had a sit down and she gave me a bunch of great advice which I am slowly implementing. One thing is to prominently feature places I’ve been written about (hence the Reader’s Digest and Mint logos on my sidebar). The other is to put more cute stuff on my blog. Voila!

Time to cut the crap.

And just FYI, I am not drunk in this video. I always am slurry and squinty.

Oh yeah? I dreamt I was chewing on an eraser all night.

Oh yeah? I dreamt I was chewing on an eraser all night. Oh wait, it was Bazooka gum. Same diff.

Bazooka! Bazooka gum is that nasty stuff I was trying to remember. God, my jaw aches just thinking about it. Or maybe it is aching because of my anxiety dreams, which are many. Heidi analyzed my dreams (which I inflicted on everyone at coffee this morning) and said that I need to volunteer for less stuff at school.

I think my anxiety dreams are making me grind my teeth and night. Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Too Soon? (6825-6832)

  1. Slurry & squinty or whatever, you’re just so damned cute…

    p.s. that woman who’s “obviously not” you, does she have a shirt on or what? Or is that view of her breasts cleavage only?

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