Cutting the Kitten Crap (6821-6824)

If there is one good thing I can say about our former cat, Frank, it’s that he liked to poop outside.

Then he disappeared and I got a replacement new kitten and I LOVE HER. The boys love her. Blue loves her. Even Minion loves her even though he claims to hate cats.

Minion: “She’s not a cat. She’s a kitten. It’s different.”

Me: “I think she’s full grown. She’s a cat. You love her. SAY IT!”

Lonny: “What? She’s only four months old. There’s no way she’s full-grown.”

Me: “Why you always got to be such a bummer, man?”

Anyway, little Frankie II is awesome. Except for one thing.

She uses a litter box. Which is better than some animals I know whose owner’s name rhymes with Tabitha and likes to crap in front of the AV cabinet even though I just took him for a walk.

But I really hate kitty litter. Really. Hate. It.

Then I thought, why not teach her how to use the toilet? She’s young, litter trained and hopefully smart enough to figure it out. This could be her!

I tried it years ago when I was in the third grade but the problem then was that I was living in a single bathroom apartment with my mom in San Francisco and the contraption you use to rig your toilet into a temporary training box is not conducive to mixed use.


You have to take the rings off when you want to use it. It’s a filthy pain.

In other words, you need a potty for the people and one for the cat.

I looked around on-line to find a training kit but they are kind of a fortune. Like $60 or 10,000 tickets at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

I started reading reviews and I found the longest review of a toilet training product ever, which actually told me how to make one for a few dollars. WOOT!

Today I’m going to go out and get a foil turkey roasting pan and see if I can train Frankie II how to use the toilet. We can follow her own “process of elimination.” Hahahahahahaha.


I’ll have to break it to the boys (including Lonny and Minion) that they will have to be using the upstairs toilet for a while until she gets the hang of it. Most likely that means they will be peeing in the bushes. So what’s new?

Like any disaster in my house, there’s always a silver lining if I can blog about it.

Look how freaking cute they are! Kitten, Dane, Kid ... it's cute.

Look how freaking cute they are! Kitten, Dane, kid … it’s cute.

Time to cut the crap.

I’m going to try something new today. Here’s a little video I made once I realized the little hole above my computer screen is a camera. TECHNOLOGY!

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