My Inspiration (6812-6820)

I was only 13 years-old when I met Marcia. She was in her 50’s and we were an unlikely match yet we quickly became very good friends.

Naturally she started off as a maternal figure, although she was so open and accepting that her motherly advice didn’t carry any judgement or reprimand. She always, always, always felt like a friend.

As a result I shared absolutely everything. As the years past we have become closer to equals, sharing experience and wisdom with each other.

She has never been above learning from others, not even snot-nosed teenagers.

It takes a village to raise a child and I am the sum total of all my experiences and influences, but I have to give her credit for helping to shape me into the woman I am now. She is responsible for many of my favorite traits, posture being just one of them.

Marcia has always led by example and this year, at age 82 (and mother of three, a retired M.D. and Chief of Staff in Radiology from the V.A. hospital and was a pioneer and medical innovator), she had an article written about her summer backpacking ritual. I thought I’d share it and maybe you will be as inspired by her as I am.


My dear Marcia, her husband David, and their dog Jenny.

She has bailed me out of many scary situations and I have been returning the favor for the past several years by being her lifeline when she retreats to the woods for six to eight weeks at a time. I track her progress and make sure she checks in with me at the scheduled time. I haven’t had to jump in my car to rescue her and I’m not going to say “yet” because she’s too smart to get in bind.

She got excited for me when I told her that I was taking up pole dancing lessons, encouraged me when I started my training to be an instructor, and offered me financial support when I wanted to invest in a studio. I didn’t even have to ask.

She’s an amazing lady and my life wouldn’t be the same without her. I can’t tell you how much I love her. Thank you Marcia, for helping me make my dreams come true.

Time to cut the crap.

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