Weird Load (6800-6801)

T minus one day until showtime. This party is such a monster. A gorgeous, huge, glittery monster. Part of me can’t wait for it to be over so I can stop freaking out all the time. But Friday will be awesome.

Monsters need glitter, yo.

Monsters need glitter, yo.

The crown jewel of the event was safely removed from 20 feet up by Lonny on a ladder (without me there to video it so I told him he better not drop the ball or do anything that might make for interesting content) with just another guy and some rope.


Not an image scrubbed from the internet. Picture of our actual disco ball.

I gave him an extra kiss on the way out, just in case.

Anyway, here is Lonny doing something even dumber, videoing while driving. You’re going to have to cut him a little slack, his voiceovers aren’t nearly as polished as mine (wink).

I don’t know if I’m more excited about having the ball at the party or getting it settled into its permanent home. No, it won’t be on my roof like Shawn wants or at Cindy’s although I can’t imagine what she has in mind for it, but I’m very curious.

I talked Justache at APEX Movement into installing it on their ceiling. It’s tall enough in there and they have a loading bay to get it into the building. Plus they have the ropes, harnesses and ninja knowhow to do it without getting anyone killed.

I think I’ll demand ask them nicely if they could install it with their shirts off. You know, for my readers. And safety.

And me.

If you are in Boulder, and you simply must come to this party (it’s gonna cost you) check out the website. It will be worth it.

It will be loaded with entertainment and dancing so get your tickets now. One of the ninjas I hired to do security is young, adorable and STOKED to be there. He was like, “I used to strip! Do you want me to strip?”

I’m so sure. Maybe in your girlfriend’s living room.

Me (acting casual): Sure. If you want to. NBD.

Cougar Bait: It’s gonna be awesome!

Me: Sweetie, I have to tell you that this party is going to be cougar central. Are you ready for that?

Cougar Bait: Bring it.

Me: Have you ever dealt with cougars? Because these women don’t fuck around. If they want something, they’re gonna get it. If you give them a lap dance, they will not be sitting on their hands.

Cougar Bait: I can totally handle it.

He’s gonna get eaten alive. He might just love every minute of it, too.


So don’t be like that person I talked to today.

Me: Are you going to the party?

Her: I’m not feeling it this year. I’m sure I’ll get an invitation next year. I’ll go then.

Me: Good luck with that.

(Harmy, I’m not talking about you, although you really ought to go. We could use some Nitro on the pole.)

Given how much these parties cost, how much effort they are, I think the Secret Society Members will be looking to crash someone else’s party for a change.

Time to cut the crap.

I’m not gonna lie. This mug is fucking dope, and Lonny will surely fish it out the trash, if I even have the heart to do that. It’s just so horrible that it’s awesome.


I’m just throwing this in here because this is so typical of my neighborhood. People just park in front of your driveway.


I don’t know if it’s all the Mary Jane or what, but they are completely oblivious. “Oh gee, I didn’t see your driveway right there.” I have a friend who is a parking enforcer and I like to call her up to sic her them.

And here’s a shout out to J.J., my old friend from Boulder. I moved into a house next door to her when I was 19 and brand new to Boulder. She and I loved to cook and sew together. She taught me a lot about doing it yourself. I’m delighted that she found my blog!

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