Coop Poop Scoop (6764-6767)

Another action packed day in my fascinating life.

Lessee, what did I do today? Oh, I mucked out the chicken coop. The boys helped me out, more willingly than I would have imagined.


I’m in a coop collective but I seem to be the only one willing to take on this bi-annual event. We practice deep litter composting which requires the litter to be cleaned out and replaced only twice a year. Otherwise we just scrape off the poop boards underneath the roosts once a week and spread fresh litter on top.

It makes for rather short work most of the time, except when it’s time to do a full muck out. Shockingly, I am the only person in a collective of eight adults who is willing to breathe dried, aerosolized chicken feces. I mean, no one else has volunteered. Go figure.

I’m not complaining, though. There is NO WAY I could have managed to have a flock of laying chickens by myself. The fact that they are not squawking in my windows at 4am is an even bigger bonus. We all contribute where we can.


Amen is right, because my children and chickens are never going to appreciate me. Although my birds do make me breakfast.

I quickly rinsed off the poop and sawdust and hit Victoria’s Secret with Shé. We’re on a mission to find the perfect bra for me. It wasn’t the fun-filled event I was hoping for. No adorable selfies in the dressing room with us in matching lingerie or anything.

I had to bring the boys along so we were rushed into the basics of fit and comfort. Snore.

See? Isn’t my life amazing? Don’t you wish you were me?

Time to cut the crap.

By the way, this is my 400th post! It’s a rather anti-climactic one, but still, I’m feeling a little proud of myself.

6 thoughts on “Coop Poop Scoop (6764-6767)

    • Thank you! It was a rather anti-climactic 400th post but sometimes that’s the way it goes. I love my chickens. They are the best. It takes a progressive city council and the right circumstances, though.

  1. Congratulations. You’re way ahead with 400 posts and 6000+ items purged. I hope you re planning to keep blogging until every last non-essential item is out of your house, and then some.

    • Thanks Cindy! In that case, I’ll be blogging FOREVER. But hopefully at a more reasonable pace, one that does not include holidays and weekends. This pace is KILLING me. 45 more days and counting!

  2. I want to revise my coda to our exchange of comments on yesterday’s post and that stunning photo: “Whatever, Viv. You are an absolute pole goddess…” Love seeing you show it off.

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