17 thoughts on “Disco Ball Fail (6759-6763)

  1. Dang I did know about your impromptu happy hour but we already had friends over here Friday evening…. Your outfit looks HOT!!

    • I hate it when they slam into the wall, it scares the shit out of me. I love the parkour guys, they are adorable, but when the phone goes flying off the wall?

  2. “Flattering lighting”? Unless that pic has been heavily photoshopped or something–I mean come now, my dear Vivienne, you really just need to OWN IT, know what I mean? I mean, you know that my love for you has always emanated from a place well beyond the physical realm…but a moment ago my heart, along with some other random parts, has just experienced a couple of sharp spasms. Lingering over that striking photo of you. Flattering lighting my ass–just a beautiful body. So sue me…

    • Thanks Greg. You are very, very kind. But I think it is important for all people (especially women) to acknowledge that just the right angle and play of light can make all the difference, even for the most beautiful and perfect specimens (according to our twisted standards) that get plastered on magazine covers. I take very good care of my body but I also take horrible photos. And good ones. But I only show the good ones, unless I am impersonating Kim Jong Il.

  3. Hi Viv,
    I always love reading your blog! I wanted to say, though, that I find the photo you used to start this post (the “disco ball fail” photo) to be offensive. I recently read an article on salon.com about how those kinds of photos are often spread around the internet without the person knowing or being able to do anything about it. It seems to me that publicly sharing such photos risks contributing to body-shaming and the humiliation of anonymous, powerless people. Anyway, I just wanted to bring this to your attention (don’t mean to seem like I’m on some moral high ground!). Here’s the article: http://www.salon.com/2013/10/02/my_embarrassing_picture_went_viral/

    • Fair enough. I had a moment of pause before I selected the photo (for the exact reasons that you brought up) and then got lazy, I appreciate you for calling me on it. I’ll change it to something that doesn’t risk offending or shaming anyone. Truth be told, what I wanted was a smashed disco ball. I’m sure I can find one if I try a little harder. Thanks for keeping me honest. However, I am keeping the photo of Miley up. After seeing her performance on SNL recently, I think she is more in control of what she’s doing than anyone gives her credit for. She might actually be wagging our dog.

      • That Salon article is great, BTW. It was great food for thought. Thank you for calling my attention to it and the brave woman who refused to be victimized. I don’t want to be a part of that culture.

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