Last Days of Disco (6745-6756)

I’m getting ready the big Halloween party I am throwing with some friends and I’m having a hard time focusing on writing.

And I am just a tiny bit ticked off at Lonny for purchasing a five-foot in diameter disco ball.

That’s five feet as in FEET. As in 60 inches across. In all directions.

Madonna on Giant Disco Ball

No joke. It’s this big.

I was like, “Why, WHY DO WE NEED THIS DISCO BALL!?” and Lonny was like, ‘It was such a good deal!”

We are throwing a 70’s themed party and the ball will be dope but WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH IT AFTER THE PARTY?!

This is the kind of shit I deal with on a regular basis. Taking deep, cleansing breaths.

Also purchased were portable stages and commercial lights that will surely end up stuffed under our porch furniture after the party.

This is why the internet sucks.

Why was Lonny looking at an auction site for defunct dance clubs? Search me.


Laser light things.


Light fixtures that Darth Maul would love to decorate his bedroom with and commercial lights. NOT THAT WE HAVE NIGHTCLUB OR ANYTHING.

Hopefully Lemony will know what to do with this stuff.

In other news, I taught last night and Dr. Ken walked in with some hotties men as I was packing up to leave. He introduced them but I only remembered Brian Arnold’s name because I remember him from American Ninja Warrior. As in, the guy who has gotten the farthest in the national finals.

I saw this video on youtube and was psyched to be current enough on pop culture to know what was going on. Those American Ninja Warriors like to frequent APEX so it’s NBD. Ninjas and pole dancers are my world.

And kids. And chickens. Lots of chickens.

Sick video, right?

Anyway, Heather was with me and I looked at her and she looked at me and we were both like, “You thinking what I’m thinking?” So we put our stuff down and sat and watched.

Sadly, tragically, Heather and I were forced to use our imaginations. I was all, “If none of you are gonna take your shirts off then we’re out of here,” and we went next door for a beer.

Time to cut the crap.

17 thoughts on “Last Days of Disco (6745-6756)

  1. Vivienne on the Ball would be a good title for a blog post. I probably would have thought very hard about buying that disco ball. I think Lonny and I would get along well.

    • Oh yes, what could possibly go wrong with me swinging on a GLASS disco ball suspended from a make-shift rigging? Naked. I’ll have to make sure Wu goes to that party with plenty of suture kits on hand.
      I might actually have to be the voice of reason on this one.

  2. Ninja’s, pole dancers, husbands, boys, chickens and apparently big jahonkin disco balls apparently. You add new meaning to the hippest mom in the neighborhood. Besides, look at it this way, the way Lonnie is going, you’ll be blogging for the next century!

  3. I love the story about the disco ball. That’s hysterical. The internet is evil. It makes me buy tons things I probably don’t need. The video of Brian Arnold was amazing. How is it possible to have that kind of upper body strength – let alone focus…. And he’s hot. That’s nice too.

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