Pole Fail Recovery: 4 Days Later

Pole Fail Recovery: 4 Days Later

I finally got to check in on Jacob, the dad who wiped out on my pole and got sewn up on Wu’s living room floor. He looks great, don’t you think? No doubt because of Dr. Wu Medicine Man’s skilz. Thanks Jefé!

2 thoughts on “Pole Fail Recovery: 4 Days Later

  1. Yeah he does look great, adds character to the face & all. I have a similar sort of scar, but I can’t tell you (& your readers) in this forum how I got it. It was a long time ago…

    • He’s from Ward, which means he’s rough and tough. I think he’s had his share of mangling accidents in his life but this one comes with the best story. Super nice guy. Really great father.

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