Covet Thy Neighbor’s Vitamix (6670-6732)

I’m still reeling from the last week of injuries (two that required medical intervention) and having kids run around my house brandishing power tools. It needed to end.

We had a long weekend so I’m finally getting my feet back underneath me. The pole is put back up, the living room looks more habitable and Lonny is on a selling roll. Everything must go!


This is but the tip of the iceberg but all this stuff is going out the door. 45 items!  As in shipped! Babe, you rock!

IMG_6541Even these unbelievably ugly Christian Laboutain shoes. That designer is a genius for the branding his shoes with a red sole. You could take the fugliest pair of mom-pumps and slap a $400 price tag on it because they are Laboutains and anyone within a block of them will know it.

The cumulative effect of eating kid’s party food is really getting me down, too. I don’t even like pizza, but there I am eating slice after slice of it.

My neighbor lent me her Vitamix since she was going out of town for the weekend and I’ve been making smoothies for the boys and myself. I think I’m in love. Really.

I poo-pooed a $500 blender but after successfully sneaking broccoli AND spinach into the boy’s morning smoothy (and them gleefully sucking it down) I’m sold. Watching my kids eat vegetables feels like such a parenting win.

So there it is, I want something. I want a Vitamix. Lonny?


Let’s see, there isn’t much else here. How about a stupid cat and husband video?

Or a stupid kid video?

Okay. Time to cut the crap.

My dresser needs a serious overhaul. I need to dump everything out, sort and refold it. Barring that, because I’m feeling lazy, I thought I could find at least 10 things to get rid of.

15 thoughts on “Covet Thy Neighbor’s Vitamix (6670-6732)

  1. We also fell in love with the Vitamix after house-sitting for one of the Nuggets players. We put it on our registry thinking it was a long shot, but my amazing parents got us one a couple months ago and I swear we are healthier because of it. Did you know it can make peanut butter? Get one.

  2. We have a Vitamix and love it so much we convinced 2 other friends to buy one! Brian bought it through Vitamix, but I believe it is a refurbished one so it was a little cheaper. We have had no problems with it. It makes the best smoothies, nut butters, and anything else you want superchoppped to smoothiness.

    Oh, and it comes with a recipe book full of good stuff…including a whole fruit margarita which is healthy and amazing! Just saying 😉


  3. I got mine used from a woman on Craigslist along with 4 Rockies tickets. I love it. I also love the backward numbers in the math notebook. I wanted my kids to keep doing that forever.

  4. Man I do not know how Lonny can deal with all the eBay loonies without going nuts. I’ve been trying to sell off things on eBay lately & it’s been working! Except that I keep getting cases opened against me by loonies, claiming that they haven’t received things even though I have tracking info that says otherwise, saying I’m threatening them, etc. Aaargh it’s hard to deal with!

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