Really Good Ideas (6577-6587)

This weekend I was impressed by a couple really good ideas. Naturally, they were not mine but I’m going to share them anyway.

I saw this lovely little neighborhood lending library at my friend Sue’s house. I’ve thought of doing something like this myself, not just with books but with trinkets and curiosities.

The only caveat is that no one can leave anything for me in exchange, especially if it happens to be a burning bag of poop. Just sayin’.

I came across the second greatest idea at my school’s third grade mixer. They’ve started getting each grade together at the beginning of the school year for a party so people can get to know each other. I’m hosting the first grade party next week and will be doing this.

Kelly was the mastermind.

Kelli, on the left.

Kelly, on the left.

You can always tell when someone had a great childhood because as adults they are playful and fun.

Kelly plans the best parties and events because she knows how to surprise and delight people. She confirmed that she comes from a family of four sisters and they had a dance party every night. Her parents were easy going and awesome.

It explains everything. My kids are so screwed.

So check this out. You will need one 10 foot length of 4 inch PVC pipe (or as long as you want). Split it lengthwise and line with waxed paper. Cap the ends and reinforce the center with a piece of clear packing tape (to keep it from bowing out.

Purchase: One 1.5 quart container each of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, 2 cans of whipped cream, a bunch of bananas, a large bowlful of sliced strawberries, 1 bottle of chocolate syrup and a jar of cherries.

Enlist children to scoop the ice cream into the trough, peel bananas, and distribute the cherries and berries. If you want to get really wild, let them have it it with the cream and chocolate sauce. Or not. Some things are better a little controlled.

Do not underestimate the power of anticipation.

Do not underestimate the power of anticipation.

Have bigger kids or adults hold the trough while the little kids go to town.

Trust me, it will be over in less than five minutes. Pull out the waxed paper and you’re done. Genius! Can somebody Pin this for me? Please.

As gigantic and out-of-control as this looks, it’s actually quite a modest amount of dessert (divided by 25 kids)  and is over with lickety-split and a snap to clean up. I’m borrowing the trough for my 1st grade party.

Despite having a very neurotic mother and bizarre father, my kids get to experience things that I would never have dreamed of. I love my town, I love my school.

Time to cut the crap.

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