Cat and Dogs (6565-6576)

Blue woke me up at 5:30 and wanted to go out so naturally I took the little dog out, too before he got any ideas about relieving himself on any old thing inside.

Did you know that he acts like a princess when it comes to getting his feet wet?

He’s rather indiscriminate that way.

He can't get into trouble in my shirt.

He can’t get into trouble in my shirt. He was cold!

There was the smallest dusting of snow on the ground, mostly it was just wet. But stupid Chicky wouldn’t go potty, he just walked around on three legs because he doesn’t like his one back foot to get wet for some dumb reason.

And to think I prayed for the sharks in Hawaii to eat Tabby so I can keep her little freak.

Later that day I took him to APEX to show a friend around. He went completely bananas in there. Something about the rubber mats felt really good to him and he tore around like a total maniac. I have to say, it made me smile.

I’ve been taking Chicky everywhere with me because 1) I can, 2) he stays out of trouble, and 3) he loves it. I took him to my favorite coffee shop to meet with a friend and because he was shivering I felt compelled to stuff him in my sweater. Then this guy walk in with a ginormous cat on a leash and I was like, PHOTO OP!

This dude had no sense of humor at all.

This dude had no sense of humor at all. Who woulda thought he was weird? I mean, a cat on a leash is totally normal, right?

I jumped up next to him and made Jackie snap a picture. The guy was one of those people who does something very much for attention but acts all put out that you are paying attention to him.

I know all about this mindset, I do it all the time.

I'm not weird, you are.

I’m not weird. You are.

It’s cool but really, don’t pretend you have no idea why people are staring at you. And for goodness sake, when someone (me) tells you that your cat is gorgeous, say thanks.

That cat was gorgeous. The dude was a freak. I’m getting used to it. Boulder is a freak magnet and I’m married to one.

Cat Hat.

Cat Hat.

Blue and the kitten are still getting along fine, although he is being shunned right now for being a bad dog. I believe that in his tiny mind being shunned is a fate worse than death. You can see him sulk around, refusing to make eye contact and acting very guilty.

That’s right. He knows what he did.

At least he’s nice to the kitten, although I am a proponent of her slashing his nose just to make it clear who the boss is.

Time to cut the crap. Today I am venturing into the mouse poop infested shed next to the garage.

6 thoughts on “Cat and Dogs (6565-6576)

  1. What on earth could sweet Blue to warrant shunning?
    I am sneezing just looking at you with that cat all up in your face like that.

  2. That dog? No, he still looks like an alien to me. I look long and hard at your face in these pictures you post.

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