Youth Relations (6833-6842)

I’m not sure when it happened but I went from being that “young person” who hung out with “older people” to that “older person” that hangs out with “younger people.” That’s enough quotation marks. As a child/teen/young adult I was drawn to the 30-something crowd. One of my closest friends was in her 50s when […]

Too Soon? (6825-6832)

My mind is a blank. It might have something to do with those two margaritas Lonny and I had at Pete’s just now. It’s my first foray into drinks since Friday and it still feels a bit too soon. We ran into a fellow party organizer and the conversation quickly turned to what we are […]

Cutting the Kitten Crap (6821-6824)

If there is one good thing I can say about our former cat, Frank, it’s that he liked to poop outside. Then he disappeared and I got a replacement new kitten and I LOVE HER. The boys love her. Blue loves her. Even Minion loves her even though he claims to hate cats. Minion: “She’s […]

My Inspiration (6812-6820)

I was only 13 years-old when I met Marcia. She was in her 50’s and we were an unlikely match yet we quickly became very good friends. Naturally she started off as a maternal figure, although she was so open and accepting that her motherly advice didn’t carry any judgement or reprimand. She always, always, […]

Gateway to Vegas (6802-6811)

Friday’s party pretty much sucked the life out of me. Saturday was all about survival mode. I could have been more hung over, mostly I just felt weak and sapped of energy. It was pretty much an un-parenting day where I let my kids do whatever they wanted just as long as they made no […]

Malicious Glitter and Urgent Communications

I love showers. I especially love taking them in the dark. They are so relaxing. Ahhhh. And after last night, I really, really, really need to recover. I’m kind of scared to look at the photos from the evening. But in my characteristically self-revealing fashion, I’ll admit this much. 1. Yes, I did rip the […]

Dregs of My Brain

Today’s the big day and I seriously do not have time to write much of a post or cut any crap. Sorry. There’s a disco ball to be dealt with, poles to be installed, glitter to be strewn about, dancers to be pampered. Ah, the life. It doesn’t help that my “friend” is trying to […]

Weird Load (6800-6801)

T minus one day until showtime. This party is such a monster. A gorgeous, huge, glittery monster. Part of me can’t wait for it to be over so I can stop freaking out all the time. But Friday will be awesome. The crown jewel of the event was safely removed from 20 feet up by […]

Emergency Plumbing & Serenity Prayer (6783-6799)

Things I can’t change? Let me name one. Other people. Not just how they act and what they do (obviously), but what they think of me. Too much personal growth “training” had me believe that the right words could melt or transform any person, any relationship. What a load of crap. My time would be […]

What Do Pole Dancers Do For Fun (6774-6782)

I alluded to a happy hour I threw the other night that was attended entirely by pole dancers. Here’s the video from that evening. We drank (a little) and we worked out. We being everyone but me, of course. I haven’t performed or free-styled in so long that my confidence is shot. It wasn’t nearly […]