Jeffanie (6435-6442)

Last night I attended Jeff and Stephanie’s wedding. Jeff lived with us when the boys were little and quickly became a part of our family. For keeps.

Cementing his place in this family. Forever.

Cementing his place in this family. Forever.

It’s a rare person that shows a true aptitude for children and possesses an easy going nature that is impervious to female mood swings. I knew immediately that he would make an amazing husband and father. Meeting women wouldn’t be hard for him, but meeting the right woman was a different story.

He's almost good enough for her.

He’s almost good enough for her.

I think one of the reasons that Jeff fit in so well with us is that he is as out-of-the-box as we are. Non-traditional, if you will. To find a partner that shared his adventuresome spirit and desire to rewrite the rules for how you navigate in this society would be a greater challenge.

When he met Stephanie, it was like all the pieces fell into place. She is every bit as magnificent a person as he is. She gave up a safe job to work in Antarctica (twice!) and travel the world with him.

Meant to be.

Meant to be.

If you’d like to get a taste for their amazing life, check out her blog at

I’ll be following it with rapt attention as they honeymoon in Columbia.

Their wedding was last night and I am in awe of my ability to not get a good picture from the entire evening. I think my camera was stuck on panorama so I managed to cut their heads off on almost every photograph.

How did I do that? And with such beautiful subjects? I’m going to call it “avant garde.” Fortunately I wasn’t the photographer.

We’re back home and I’m feeling overwhelmed with housework. I’m going to spend as much of the day away from my phone and computer as possible. Time to cut the crap.

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  3. Great post! (You can probably tell I am doing a bit of “catch up.”) That painting of the child with the dog is so, so scary. *shivers* The kids with the pets though, adorable.

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