Kitten Pie (6426-6434)

I have wanted a kitten, like, forever. Yes, we had Frank the cat, but he was strictly devoted to Lonny and anyone who walked by the house but he wouldn’t give me or the kids the time of day.



He saw housemates come and go, suffered other cats and a few dogs, but Blue was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He moved in with Jody across the street after we got Blue. That was about a year ago.

He didn't mind Marvin

He didn’t mind Marvin

Then the flood came and we hadn’t seen him for a week. We assumed that he was with Jody because he’s always with her. When things cleared enough to go over and chat, we were horrified to discover that she thought he was with us.

We filed reports, put his picture up on public boards and followed a false lead down to Fort Collins. No luck.


Frank would be about 14 or 15 years-old, pretty old by an outdoor cat’s standards. I’m not convinced he is dead, I’d like to believe that he found a cushier gig somewhere else. But I couldn’t stop myself from trolling Craigslist ads for adoptable kittens.

My sweet Lola died in the fire years ago and I maintain that she would have been the best cat ever for the boys. She was sweet, mellow, and would let you do anything to her. I was determined to find another cat with her temperament. When I came across the ad for a Maine Coon mix who was great with kids and dogs, I felt like it was fate knocking despite the lack of a respectable interval between Frank’s departure and her arrival.


“She is sweet and loves to be held and likes to play with toys a lot. Never scratches or bites or anything. She is a nice kitty. She likes my daughter and my small dog to. She is 11 weeks old. She also is a little weird; she likes to play with water. Usually cats are scared of water but we have found her in the toilet a few times splashing in the water and she likes to drink out of our tub.
I dont know much about Mainecoons but I know that she will be big. My friends cat, the mom, is HUGE. She takes up half the love seat when she lays down so this kitty will probably be the same size.”

I’m a firm believer in pleading ignorance and then begging for forgiveness. I knew that Lonny would be pissed  initially but I also know that he is a softy around animals. He was completely against me adopting Blue and now I have to break up their make-out sessions almost daily.

I consulted Tabby on this one, though.

Me: Tabby! I’m about to do something deliberately deceitful and I need your blessing.

Tabby (all yogic): This is the best call I’ve had all day!

I told her my plan and she proceeded to present me with a manual on how to get animals in your house past a disapproving husband. This included threatening to get pregnant, naming the animal after something beloved (like Bacon or porn), pretending the animal is simply on loan, and the list goes on. I was impressed.

I wasn’t at all concerned about Blue and the kitten. As expected, he is curious but shows no signs of wanting to hurt her. The boys are over the moon at having a kitten they can pet and play with. All Frank ever did was hiss and swipe at them. I don’t think Micah ever got close enough to even pet him.

Me? I’m in love with the little baby. It’s been years since I’ve had a kitten and I’ve forgotten what a joy they are. I’m anticipating her teenage phase, though, where she becomes a little hellion.  I figure it will be good material for my blog.

So here she is, my our new kitten. Her name is Miley but that’s not gonna fly. We’re kicking around Kitsy, Fur Burger, Pussy Galore, Mouse, Kitten Pie, and the list is growing. Any ideas?


By the way, Shawn and Rachel stopped by on their way out of town. They are packing up and traveling the world for a whole year! Good luck! Bon voyage! Latcho Drom! We love you, have a the time of your life!

Time to cut the crap.

12 thoughts on “Kitten Pie (6426-6434)

  1. I’m so glad we got to meet your new kittenshe’s as sweet as she is cute I say you go for a name like tabitha give her pets, like mouse
    Any how ,so far we’ve made indiananot quite around the world yet but headed there
    got to see the saint louis arch wow how’d they ever do that, love you , c u on Facebook

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  3. Your new kitten is so cute! My girlfriend had a Maine Coon. That cat was brilliant. Seriously one of the smartest, and mellowest, cats I have ever seen. She also loved to play with water – it’s a Maine Coon trait, I hear.

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