Fidelity (6392-6401)

My hairdresser, Penny, has moved to Atlanta despite my pleas for her to stay. We made a little compromise and she agreed to come back every five weeks just to cut my hair! And 53 other people’s hair, but I know she’s really just here for me.

Love you, Penny!

Given that my personality is 90% haircut, it’s important to keep it maintained. My hair grows damn fast and we kind of got out of sync so I went almost four months in between cuts, with only me and my shaking hands to cut my bangs.

But I refused to cheat on her, not even with her blessing. I will not go down that slippery slope ever again! Nonetheless, I was good and miserable by the time she made it back to Colorado.




AFTER. With my sweet Penny. Thank you!

In other news, I saved the day again with my extreme stacking behavior. And I still tip at least 20% even though someone I know says you don’t have to tip as much when you stack because you are, “doing all the work.”

Yah. He’s an asshole. I stack for my own pleasure.


And finally, on this slowest of news days, my best friend (no, not David C. Owen, but close) sent me a little youtube video called “Simon’s Cat”. I and the boys have been obsessed with the cat cartoons ever since, and there are a ton of them!

This one here was uncomfortably close to my life experience.

Of course Lonny was like, “That’s nothing like our house! Under our fridge is the air compressor.”

Well take that.

Time to cut the crap.

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  1. “Given that my personality is 90% haircut…” what bullshit! Your personality is like 10% wit, 30% wisdom, 20% balls, 10% bluster, 30% keen intelligence, 20% elegant sensuality, 20% raw sex appeal, 30% vulnerability, 20% compassion,10% OC…stop me when I get to 100, Viv, but I don’t see the haircut in there. Whatever…we love the sum total more than you seem to realize, or will probably ever admit. As we used to say in workshop, “just let it in.”

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