Drunk Post (6334-6343)

I attended the first ever Colorado Pole Championship last night. I don’t even know how to start talking about it.


Let’s just say I screamed too loudly, drank to much and went to bed way too late and woke up realizing I have a workshop with David this afternoon. I have the hurt on me.


In the interest of time (and maybe getting a nap in) I’m going to post my notes from the evening unedited. They are a bit, uh, garbled. Tomorrow I will attempt to make some sense of them.

I wanna know where the idiots at.

i was embarrased to only be able to do five (dead) so I figured I better get in on it soon before Jen West wastes me.

must chastize the good docdtor for showing off wit his one arm pull ups while smrking

Watchign men deal wit their penises shrivel and grow at the same tiem

empariting deep thoughts onto Meri while totallhy drunk and realizing how stupid I sound

“life is both long and short” duh

using a whole week’s worht of ROC on mhy face because I was too drunk. But sonya said her dermatogligist told me that in ten years I’d regret not having used retinol in my 40s.

Meryi didn’t know what to dorder at the bar beucase she’s 21

Sorry for the drunk words of wisdome. I’m an idot.

Time to cut the crap.

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