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My stats tell me that no one reads my blog on the weekends so it doesn’t really matter what I write today (Saturday) just as long as I get rid of some crap.

So I’m going to fangirl out and wax rhapsodic about David C. Owen who is asleep in my guest room as I write this!

Oh yes, we go way back. Totally BFFs.

He’s in town to be a judge at the Colorado Pole Championship’s debut competition. My friend Nina (AKA, the Naughty Norwegian Nanny) is at the helm of this event and she’s already knocked it out of the park. She sold out the event yesterday (WOOT) and has pole luminaries judging, guest performing and competing. I can’t fucking wait for tonight!

Nadia Shariff, David C. Owen and Karol Helms will be judging and David, Estee Zakar, Leesi Ruskaup and Boulder’s own Kenneth Kao (AKA The Good Doctor) will be guest performing.

And you know what? I know something you don’t … Either you will be there tonight and see it yourself, or you will just have to wait until Monday.

David will be gracing Vertical Fusion with workshops throughout the weekend. Last night I attended his Flexibility workshop. It was two and a half hours of practice and seminar-like theory. David’s masterful instruction and experience-based technique might just help me get those splits that are my true heart’s desire.

Here are some pictures.

I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have access to such a knowledgeable instructor. It doesn’t hurt that he gets a little “hands-on”.

He asked for someone to allow him to demonstrate a partner stretching technique. Of course I shot my hand up and waved it around like a kindergartner who needed permission to go to the bathroom.

He instructed me to lie on my back and then said, “This is going to hurt, is that okay?”

Yes. Please.


He challenged me to think about how I warm up (“Static stretching is not an appropriate warm up,”) recovery from injury (“You don’t heal an injury caused by over-stretching by stretching it more,”) and my stretching schedule (“Suffering in painful splits while you watch TV won’t help you get flexible faster.”)

I was impressed by his knowledge when I first met him and I’m even more impressed now. I can’t wait for his Spotting and Bailouts workshop tomorrow!

Time to cut the crap.

Here’s a small taste of David’s workshop.

16 thoughts on “Fangirl (6321-6333)

  1. Hey I read your blog every single day of the week. lol Oh btw, I sent you a message yesterday asking about the shipping on the Japanese books, did you get it?

  2. Comments: 1. for sure, the guy you’re snuggling up to there does indeed display some awesome posture. How old would he be?
    2. the “Stargate” movie: Kurt Russell, possibly the worst actor of our time, doing cinematic interstellar battle with James Spader, arguably one of the best. I haven’t seen it, though, and probably won’t be rushing out to rent it anytime soon.
    Questions: 1. are those movie classics all video tapes? Does anyone still have a working VCR machine? Mine died a long time ago.
    2. BTW, how does “BFF” translate in standard spoken English? Been wondering about that…

    • I never saw Stargate but I recall Pablo saying that it seemed rather xenophobic (to be more specific, anti Mexican). Kurt Russell looks great in drag. BFF means “Best Friend Forever”. We still have a VCR in the basement, of course, but never use it. Time to get rid of everything. Oh, and David is in his mid-30s I believe. He didn’t start pole until he was 27 which makes his flexibility all the more impressive. Usually people start working on their skills way younger, he’s achieved so much. J’adore.

  3. Amuses me that you told me it was nothing like yoga- and looking at those pictures I teach nearly every one of those stretches in my yoga classes…..

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