Harvest of Hope (6245-6253)

Yesterday I took a box of non-perishables down to Harvest of Hope, a community food share that is accepting donations to assist victims of the Boulder flood.

I was moved by this small operation and the lovely little “shop” they had set up to assist people in need. If you have the wherewithal, please go through your pantry and freezer, maybe pick up a little extra at the grocery store, and make a donation.

Tonight we have a couple of dear friends staying in our house. It is so fitting that they are here because they have been displaced by the flood. Ten years ago when we were displaced by fire, they were here for me and Lonny. They helped us rebuild our house.

Emily drew the plans and obtained the permits, Jason did all of the fine woodwork and cabinetry. Together they made our home more beautiful and useful than we ever could have imagined.

Fortunately their home is not lost, just temporarily unreachable, but it feels good to have them here. Our friends make us rich beyond compare.

Lest you think I’ve been abducted by aliens who have left a more altruistic person in her place, rest assured. The old, self-absorbed me still here.

For instance, school has not started back up and I’m ticked.

I’ve been counting the hours until my kids could go back to school. I even felt a little generous today and let the boys have a little extra fun since the hammer is coming down Monday. Then I got the call. And the text. And the email. Okay fine. I get it. No school until Tuesday. At least.


I’m taking the risk of exposing myself for the narcissistic sack of shit that I really am but here’s why I am dreading two more days (at least) of school closures.

1) My kids are dumb enough without have endless days off from school, with no sight in end.

2) We are all bored to tears in the house. I won’t let them watch TV or play with the iPad all day. I won’t. But we are bored. B-O-R-E-D …

3) … so I bake and cook and eat pretty much nonstop. I can’t gain any more weight!

4) I get it that the school district is just trying to keep everyone safe and even though I can get my kids to school (we walk) not everyone else can. BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?!? WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS!!!


Whatever, I’ll live. I’m taking the boys to Denver today to the Museum of Nature and Science and meet up with Nikki. I can’t believe that I haven’t seen her in a whole year.

We Boulderites are amazingly car averse. If it’s more than 15 minutes away, it might as well be on another planet. I harken from Salt Lake City where you get on the freeway to buy a loaf a bread. I didn’t think twice about driving 30 minutes to hang out on someone’s floor and listen to mixed tapes.


But now that I live in Boulder, getting in a car is a downright deal breaker. It’s stupid because some of my most favorite people are in Denver. So today, I called up Nikki and we met at the zoo. It was awesome.

Classic picture of Nikki and her son. He's running out of each photo, the kid has legs!

Classic picture of Nikki and her son. He’s running out of each photo, the kid has legs!

Time to cut the crap.

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  1. Thanks for lorikeet adventuring with us, Viv! I loved seeing you and the boys are so sweet. Gives me hope for my future in boy-wrangling!

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