Misunderstood (6195-6244)

Today is one of the no-win days.

First, I was trying to be helpful and listed a bunch of magazines for Lonny on eBay, as a surprise. I’m a good and supportive wife and instead of chucking the box of house magazines into the recycling, I listed them on eBay. You’re welcome.

The whole lot can be yours! Go ahead, make an offer. Volumes 1-3, 21-28, 30-41 (#38 & 40 are missing)

The whole lot can be yours! Go ahead, make an offer. Volumes 1-3, 21-28, 30-41 (#38 & 40 are missing) SOLD!

I looked up completed auctions and it appeared that they sold for about $10 for a group of 10. So I put 20 up for $25 and felt a little bit greedy.

They sold lickety-split and Lonny was like, “You really need to talk to me when you sell things on eBay. Those magazines sold too fast which means you probably could have gotten $100 for them.”


Then today I was at a store when I overheard two women talking. One said, “It’s so beautiful!”

I like seeing pretty things so I perked up and looked around to see what they were talking about. It was a soap display.

One of the women (they were stockers) noticed me perking up and said, “Oh right, we were talking about how beautiful you are. Hahaha.”


I just stood there kind of dumb because I didn’t know how to react. No, I didn’t think she was talking about me, if for no other reason people don’t usually refer to me as an “it”. But it was kind of embarrassing that she thought I was so full of myself.

I grabbed some soap (from the beautiful display) and moved along. If there is one thing I hate, it’s being misunderstood, but I also know how protesting too much can look.


Then there’s Lonny who really doesn’t care. He was the unofficial hero of our birth group. He strolled into the classroom wearing a Michael Bolton t-shirt without a whiff of irony. It gave him an air of mystery that intrigued men and pregnant women alike.

He also announced that the worst thing about pregnancy was that he was, “Sick of doggie style.” For the record, he was showing off.

Not a man who gives a shit what anyone thinks.

Not a man who gives a shit what anyone thinks. But what’s up with Scary’s skin tone? I know she’s black (duh) but this picture makes her look gray/green. I’m telling you, it’s racial.

Of course Testiclese asked him this morning why he had naked teenagers on his tee-shirt. Excellent question. For one, they aren’t teenagers. This is their reunion concert. And secondly … well, there is no second thing.

Time to cut the crap.

Today is mostly stuff I’m donating to the flood relief effort: food, clothing, bedding. Everyone is trying to help in their own ways and I encourage anyone who has the means to give whatever they can.

Vertical Fusion will be accepting donations at all our locations as well offering donations based classes that will benefit the flood victims. You can read more about it here.

CBS published an extensive list of ways you can help here.

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