Self Walk (6179-6194)

Chuffy woke me up today for his early morning Beauty Walk. Lonny informed me that he could hold his horses because last night he went for a Self Walk.

Blue’s been known to do this. Our doors are old and sometimes blow open, or more likely left ajar by the boys when the tear around the house. Late last night Lonny heard Blue give someone the woof and then he heard the door open.

It is totally in Lonny’s nature to do what he did next. He put on a robe and tailed the dog around the neighborhood. He wanted to see what Blue does when he takes himself for a walk. He does it more often than I’d like because gates and doors get left open more than I’d like, too.

Blue took a left at the sidewalk and checked out the smokers and then walked on by. He wandered along the sidewalk, looking for sleepwalking squirrels and bunnies. He looped up to Mapleton and whizzed on Jody’s outlawn and then headed home, looking both ways before he crossed the street.

It’s interesting the personal lives our pets have. Clearly he fancies himself the neighborhood border patrol.


So when he woke us up for his Beauty Walk, Lonny informed him that he should chill the fuck out. Then Lonny told me about his dream which involved a football game and a commercial for Wendy’s that got kind of awkward. He said that he tried to call my attention to the commercial in the dream because he thought I might want to blog about it.

He was right, if what he dreamt about had happened in real life, I would have totally blogged about it. But since it was in a dream, I think I’ll give his subconscious a little privacy.


Isn’t that sweet? Even though he belittles my stupid blog in real life, subconsciously he supports me, if only in his dreams.

I love you, too, Babe.

I got an email from the school district that classes will resume tomorrow. Thank. God. I have been eating my way through this flood; apparently my stress response is to carbo load. I need the kids to go back to school and I need to get back to my routine.

Gah! It just started raining again. Cats and dogs. And speaking of cats, we haven’t seen Frank since the rain started on Wednesday. We were hoping that he was holed up at Jodie’s but she hasn’t seen him either. Stupid cat. Way to go missing during a natural disaster. Typical.


Now that it’s raining I guess we’ll be finding ways to entertain ourselves inside. Again.

Pamcakes came over with her family last night for dinner, I wanted to feed them after a long day of removing all the carpet from her mother’s ruined house. Naturally the subject got around to flammables. Her boys said that Vaseline is highly flammable (it’s not) but didn’t believe Lonny when he said that ping pong balls are.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may I present you with Exhibit A:

Hey, I know something else I can do inside! Time to cut the crap.

9 thoughts on “Self Walk (6179-6194)

  1. Maybe I can start all the beer pong balls on fire next time I visit my college kids. Science!
    P.S. Glad you are all okay. Totally unscathed here except for traffic and wet clothes which is nothing.

  2. I would have eaten the fig bars.

    We used to have a Yorkshire terrier who did self walks. Blue would make a great patrol dog! Make him a jacket with a badge on 🙂

    • Funny you should mention that. I’ll blog a better picture tomorrow. Scary looks like a zombie, or an alien. At breakfast today Testiclese wanted to know why he has pictures of naked teenagers on his chest.

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