Are You Sitting Down? (6101-6126)

I can’t seem to avoid articles that say sitting while you work will pretty much kill you, even if you go to the gym.

sitting kills 2


I’ve been sitting a lot more ever since I took up blogging, for obvious reasons.

Last year Apple decided to get out of the business of hosting webpages. Too bad for me because I started this blog using iWeb. I got an email reminding me that I had exactly 30 days to figure out what I was going to do because Apple was about to wipe my blog off the internet. Forever.

What the hell?

At Wu’s advice, I started this WordPress blog and proceeded to give myself a crash-course on how to use it. About ten hours later I had successfully migrated my content over to the new platform. I broke for lunch at Whole Foods some time in the middle of my marathon session.

I was waiting in line for my turn when another guy in line asked, “How are you?”

Of course I just said what was on my mind. “Oh, good. But my ass is killing me.” He just smiled awkwardly and ordered buckwheat groats and kale.


At the time I wondered how people sit all day. I’ve gotten more used to it but I’m thinking that might not be such a good thing. Then Harmy told me that she converted to a standing work station (she’s a graphic artist) and she doesn’t feel like a creaky robot at the end of the day anymore.

It wasn’t a big deal to make the switch. Now I write standing up at my kitchen counter. I already have gel mats so it was a just a matter of unplugging my computer and walking into the other room. So far it has been working out, I haven’t experienced any foot or leg fatigue. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Wow. Boring. Whatever, nothing interesting has happened to me today. Yet. I am waiting for Dr. Ken to get really pissed at me for blogging about him yesterday.

I better get to cutting the crap because I’ve got a class to prepare for. I’m subbing for Lemony’s Check Me Out class tonight at 7:25 and need to bone up on twerking videos. Nose to the grindstone, ya’ll.

Okay, before I bore you with pictures of my junk, I’m going to bore you with this video I found on Youtube while trying to find something inspiring.

It is the most galactically boring video ever. I think it’s supposed to be sexy but it’s just B.O.R.I.N.G. A pretty Asian woman with a bland smile plastered on her face writhes around on a stupid bathroom sink while almost showing you her boobs or her butt crack. Then she kisses herself in the mirror.

Really? Does this actually turn anyone on?

FYI ladies, we won’t be doing this in my class.

Time to cut the crap.

16 thoughts on “Are You Sitting Down? (6101-6126)

  1. Ooooh can I have the clip thingy that holds the badge? I have been looking for something like this all over. Well something with a loop that holds badges like that. I don’t care if the clip part says BCH.

  2. Hm… I have no idea why people think being naked is being sexy. Or doing those stupid contrived poses while they pout is anything but weird. Don’t get me wrong, I like nudity 🙂 But I think truly sexy people don’t have to try so hard. ** The standing desk is good idea. I should ask my boss – yet another thing to annoy her… Excellent! Thanks.

  3. I have a standing workstation with a gel mat, but can’t seem to last more than 20 minutes without foot and back pain. I can’t tell if this is my footwear, posture, or generally not having well-developed enough muscles. What kind of shoes do you wear/how long do you stand at a time?

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