The Good Doctor (6086-6101)

I’ve written a little about Ken Kao, Parkour enthusiast and newly minted Pole God before. He’s also a fantastic doctor, a chiropractor to be specific.


I experienced some hip pain for the first time and scheduled an appointment with him to get to the bottom of it. After a one hour appointment I walked out of his office with no pain whatsoever. Amazing!

I’m used to the Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am school of chiropractic treatment. For $29 I would walk into one of those no appointment needed places (which is kind of awesome when I am hurting and need it now) and the doctor would ask me what’s bothering me and then proceed to do exactly the same thing he always does no matter what I say is going on.

But $29 seemed like a good deal until I started thinking about what it really got me, about three minutes of non-specific treatment in a room full of people lying on their faces. That’s not such a good deal.


I’m not saying that that those kinds of chiropractors are charlatans, like some people I know, but the economics of it don’t make much sense given how little time I get and how general the treatment is.

I spent an hour with Ken and we talked about everything that was going on with my body, all the injuries, aches and pains. It kind of started adding up in a depressing way. Then he adjusted me. All of me. He adjusted my knees, my feet, hips, my neck, my psoas (which I’m still pretty unclear on), my hands for goodness sake.

What was great about it is that he does what I do. Or rather I do a little of what he does, so he understands the demands of pole dancing. I walked out of there feeling really good and a little incredulous. I couldn’t wait to go back the next week.

I raved to Lonny about how much better I felt, and not in that, “I stopped eating gluten and, I don’t know, I just feel better.” kind of way. I had searing pain in my hip with every step and now I don’t. BAM!

Lonny, being the extreme devil’s advocate warned me about getting sucked into a treatment plan that required I go in three times a week. But seriously, if I could afford it, I’d be all in.

So I showed up the next week and Ken asked me questions and worked on trouble areas and we talked about his upcoming debut at Pole Expo in Las Vegas (read Nina’s quickie recap here). Just FYI, I’m totally going next year.

Then he said, “I think you are doing really well and your body is holding onto the adjustments.”

Me: “Oh, yay!”

Ken: “I think we can scale back your appointments.”

Me: What? Wait. “How much? You mean I can’t come back next week?

Ken: “With the way your body is taking the adjustments, I think maybe a couple times a year. Or we can leave it open and you can make an appointment as needed.”

Huh? No! I think my elbow just went out!

Ken: You are very easy to work on.


Me: Let’s not be too hasty. How about an appointment in a month?

Ken: If that’s what you want to do, that’s fine. It’s great working with someone who actually responds to treatment.

Me: This isn’t because I post pictures of you for the pleasure of my female readers is it?

Ken: I’m turning red now.

Well, hell. I’ve never been so disappointed by a positive prognosis.


Does your body hurt? Go see Dr. Ken. Before you get any ideas (Pamcakes) you should click on “The Doctors” link. There’s a lovely picture of him and his wife, the other doctor in the practice.

If you would like to see a little more of Dr. Ken, check out his fantastic Pole Classic 2013 performance at the Pole Expo this last weekend. He placed second in the men’s division and won the People’s Choice Award.

This is his first ever competition and he killed it! All of the sudden Natasha Wang is friending him for Pete’s sake! If you knew him, and what a humble and introverted person he is, you would be doubly amazed at his accomplishment. Go Ken! I mean … Doctor.

Time to cut the crap.

Lonny has a soft spot for vintage photographs, and I get it. There is some beautiful history there. It seems disrespectful to discard people’s memories like that. I just saw that over 3000 photos were donated to The Carnegie Library (our local historic repository). I think I might start sending photographs their way. But here’s a little bit of the gems we have in our house, all of strangers.

Okay. Now here’s some stuff I’m getting rid of.

11 thoughts on “The Good Doctor (6086-6101)

  1. I’m glad you posted that you went for hip pain. I am actually desperately in need of a doctor to help me with hip pain ASAP… when I ramped up my acro practice earlier this year it came with some pretty disabling hip pain.. as in I had to stop doing acro because I could no longer bend down & then reasonably expect to stand up again! Of course it went away as I stopped practicing, now that I’m back at it my hip pain has returned with a vengeance! I know I need to find a doctor but I am 1)Lazy 2)Scared of doctors and 3)Woefully ignorant on finding a good one/knowing who to even to go. Yeesh! I’m gonna check out his page 🙂

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  5. FYI, the “do you think it means something?” red wall hanging is the “Om” symbol in Sanskrit, sideways. It should look like a 3 attached to a lowercase “O” with a thingy on top when held right side up.

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