Celebrity Status (6045-6085)

I just said goodbye to my dad and step mom. While we had a nice visit, I can’t say there was any heavy drinking. Let’s just leave it at I had a taco that didn’t agree with me. Party over.

My fam.

My fam.

However, I did impress the hell out of them when we were at dinner and a reader recognized me (HI DELIN!) and came over to say hello. It totally made my day and inflated me to celebrity status as far as my folks are concerned.

Dad: This must happen all the time.

Me: Oh yes, totally. Maybe sometimes. Not really. Okay, never.

I took the day off of getting rid of crap because I’ve been trashing stuff like nobody’s business and needed a little break. I must say that it took a little psyching up to get back down in the basement today. It speaks volumes towards the importance of consistency. If you want to make something a habit, truly a part of you, opting out can’t really be an option.

Today I grabbed a bag of stuff under Lonny’s downstairs desk and hit a treasure trove of junk. Check it out.

Here’s the video of Testiclese working the ‘chucks. He is clearly his father’s son.

Also of note, I saw this ad campaign in Volcom’s window on the mall. It deeply saddened me that this is somehow a covetable image of beauty and desirability.


Slack-jawed, vapid, dead-eyed youth with no visible brain activity. I can’t believe this sells anything. Please don’t let my boys think that this is what a pretty girl looks like. I mean, she is pretty and the model might be a genius working her way through med school, but still.


Oh, and I’m also extremely excited that I just picked up my 400th follower today!  It doesn’t mean I actually have 400 people subscribed to my blog, WP will count the same person multiple times if they sign up for emails, and if they have a Twitter and Facebook follow, so I actually have a good deal less than 400. But given that I started with zero followers and was stuck at 12 for months, this gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Thank you for following and for reading and for taking an interest in my life and all the shit in my basement.

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Status (6045-6085)

  1. I should have asked for your autograph…that would have really impressed them 😉 We just got home and I was thinking about not working out…then you had to go and bring up consistency…guess I’ll drag my butt down there. Great to see you…what were the chances??

    • It’s just very old. I think she was always just a torso, it looks like there is a place where the skirt and bottom half simply gets sewn on. Creepy nonetheless.

  2. ROFL at the video. Man… I just realized I’ve been catching up on your blog ALL DAY! I should really do something else.

    • Thanks to you I got this notice from WP: “Most Likes in One Day On Monday September 16, 2013 you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day ( 12 ) for your posts on Vivienne’s Process of Elimination. That’s pretty awesome, well done!”
      Thanks Heather!

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