The Dangers of Reading to Your Kids (5614-5652)

You are supposed to read to your kids. I read to my kids but not every day; not since they were smaller and eating, going for a stroll, and sleeping were the only other activities available.

With school starting I felt like I should get with the program. I was slightly shamed to hear that Pamcakes’ older boys, who are in high school, still enjoy it when she reads to them.

Me? I’m like, “Read it yourself! That’s what an education is for!” My bad.


Another part of this getting with the program thing involves an earlier bed time. In the summer they just go to bed whenever and wake up whenever, which is kind of awesome, but they need their rest during the academic year.

So yesterday after an excellent family dinner (I’m on a roll!) they hit the showers and cozied up with me and The Little Prince, courtesy of Uncle Casey. I’ve never read this beloved classic because I found the cartoon based upon it crushingly depressing. The lonely kid with the tiny planet and a solitary flower … I’m an only child. It must have hit close to home.

But everyone else loves it so I thought I’d give it a go. It starts with the narrator harshing on adults and how we are so literal and boring and generally suck. His point?

Then there’s a plane crash. Weird. Is our narrator hallucinating? I can’t tell yet because I fell asleep. This always happens. When I read to the boys at 9:30, like I sometimes do in the summer, falling asleep isn’t the end of the world. When I do it at 7:45?

What reading to kids should look like.

What reading to kids should look like.

Am I the only person who can’t read more than a dozen pages without falling asleep? And more importantly, why doesn’t my reading have the same effect on my kids? I’m out cold and they are playing cards over my limp body.

How it looks when I do it.

How it looks when I do it.

And that is why I woke up it 4:45 this morning and decided to take the dog for a walk in the dark. Might as well. Fortunately he’s big as a stag or else I might feel less inclined to lurk about in the shadows, but goodness, what beautiful night. The wind was soft and warm, the stars were bright, there wasn’t a lick of traffic and not a soul to be seen.

I was able to get our three miles in and get home in time to write this, take a shower, vacuum the kitchen AND check out this incredible performance by Crystal Belcher, my new favorite pole dancer.

I’m putting this in here for Lonny because I know he will find it adorable. I’m putting it in for you because, if you are so inclined, it shows a wonderful side of pole dancing.

Crystal has masterful technique, but she also has a knack for musical interpretation, showmanship, expressiveness and true dancer ability. She’s as much an actor as she is a dancer.

More recently she performed to Strange Fruit which is as heartbreaking and sorrowful as this piece was playful and flirtatious.

Anyway, time to cut the crap. It’s stuff I found in the basement.


4 thoughts on “The Dangers of Reading to Your Kids (5614-5652)

  1. Maybe I should come down there and read to the kids. It doesn’t put me to sleep. Last summer we (me & my brother Joe) had Liam up in Montana for a week. He was on his stupid phone all the time. Not once did I see him pick up a single piece of reading material, not a book, magazine, newspaper, nothing. Maybe you can imagine how heartbreaking for me to see that. Alarming too. Read to the boys, let them stay up and read, let ’em skip school if they want to read all day…just MAKE SURE THE KIDS READ! Nothing else in life will get them farther–or conversely, hold them back worse, stifle their development, leave them mentally impoverished, etc.

  2. I do not have kids. so I do not know. BUT my husband reads to me every night (I go to bed a LOT earlier than him)

    Is that weird?

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