Cathartic Crying Session (6443-6444)

I’m completely in love with our new kitten. Everyone is in love with our new kitten, including Lonny, AKA Mr. Disapproving Hardass. I know this because he has his Daddy Ears on. It’s what happens when you have a baby and suddenly you become freakishly in tune with your child’s every sound and movement. A […]

Jeffanie (6435-6442)

Last night I attended Jeff and Stephanie’s wedding. Jeff lived with us when the boys were little and quickly became a part of our family. For keeps. It’s a rare person that shows a true aptitude for children and possesses an easy going nature that is impervious to female mood swings. I knew immediately that […]

Kitten Pie (6426-6434)

I have wanted a kitten, like, forever. Yes, we had Frank the cat, but he was strictly devoted to Lonny and anyone who walked by the house but he wouldn’t give me or the kids the time of day. He saw housemates come and go, suffered other cats and a few dogs, but Blue was […]

Drunk Post: Part Two (6413-6425)

It’s time for another drunk post, only I’m not drunk so you can stop tsking at what a spectacle I’m making of myself. It was 1:30 in the A.M. when Lonny and I (and Blue) were woken up by a loud SMACK. Blue sounded off a warning woof and I went to the window to […]

Ever Victorious Iron Willed Commander (6402-6412)

I hope this doesn’t ruin things for you, kind of like when you are hot for a guy and then someone tells you that he kind of looks like your creepy uncle and all of the sudden he isn’t hot anymore … But this morning I threw on this outfit to walk the dog and I […]

Fidelity (6392-6401)

My hairdresser, Penny, has moved to Atlanta despite my pleas for her to stay. We made a little compromise and she agreed to come back every five weeks just to cut my hair! And 53 other people’s hair, but I know she’s really just here for me. Love you, Penny! Given that my personality is […]

Crushing on Blue (6368-6391)

I’m writing a love letter to my dog because I can’t spend all day fucking around with my blog. I did that yesterday and got exactly no love for my efforts, and I honestly thought I was being funny. I mean, what could be funnier than an extended navel gazing at my drunk deep thoughts? […]

Drunken Posting Redux (6344-6367)

Now that you all know that I can’t type to save my life, especially when drunk, I feel rested and recovered enough to tackle the translation of my notes from the Colorado Pole Competition. I said goodbye to David C. Owen this morning and am ready to go. His Spotting and Bailouts workshop yesterday was […]

Drunk Post (6334-6343)

I attended the first ever Colorado Pole Championship last night. I don’t even know how to start talking about it. Let’s just say I screamed too loudly, drank to much and went to bed way too late and woke up realizing I have a workshop with David this afternoon. I have the hurt on me. […]

Fangirl (6321-6333)

My stats tell me that no one reads my blog on the weekends so it doesn’t really matter what I write today (Saturday) just as long as I get rid of some crap. So I’m going to fangirl out and wax rhapsodic about David C. Owen who is asleep in my guest room as I […]