Tree Man (5336-5355)

I had a tortured night of sleep and had to get out of bed at 5a.m. just to escape the crazy dreams. Lonny is entirely to blame.

Last night I was hanging in the living room with the boys when Lonny said, “Hey Viv, check this out,” and showed me the one of most disturbing photos I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to post it here or even provide a link because I want you to think good and hard about whether you want to see something that you can’t un-see. (Pamcakes, you know you’re gonna look.)

… You’ve been warned.

… It’s really gross.

… You’ll dream about skin afflictions all night.

It's not this picture but I have to say that this makes me a little blind.

It’s not this picture but I have to say that this makes me wish I was blind.

Google “tree man” if you just love terrifying imagery seared into your brain and like to dream that it is contagious and in your bed.

This poor man has a rare condition called Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis (no images on this Wikipedia link) and I have no idea why Lonny was looking at it. I suspect that FaceBook (WasteBook) has something to do with it.

Deleting my WasteBook account almost a year ago has been the best thing I have done in a very long time. I had to open a business account (for this blog) and an anonymous account (if there is such a thing) so I could participate in a private group reserved for studio communications. I spend about 20 minutes day on it and it’s a struggle to not let it get out of control.

I hear about dramas caused by out-of-control discussion threads and I wonder why anyone goes there. I miss out on some interesting posts (like Tree Man, for instance or pictures of new babies which I happen to like) but it’s not worth the real-life damage that can be done to friendships and peace of mind. AND PRODUCTIVITY.

Plus, I have Lonny, my arbiter of all that is necessary to keep me current. I was pretty psyched to hear that a friend of mine is PRINCE’S PERSONAL TOUR SEAMSTRESS. How the hell to you land a stellar gig like that? Go Terra!

Anyway, the first day of school went great. The boys like their teachers and they didn’t want to leave the playground when I picked them up. More importantly, I went a solid seven hours without being pissed-off, irritated or yelling. I forgot what I’m like when I’m not either 1) a total bitch and 2) disappointed in myself for being such a total bitch. It was a nice break.

Then why is my eye still twitching?


Time to cut the crap.

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14 thoughts on “Tree Man (5336-5355)

  1. Look? Hell I watched an entire cable show about that dude and his freaky bark skin. And then when one of my kids got a wart I told them that was just the first symptom….. I also showed them the girl with no face on the internet (Treacher Collins Syndrome) which was a mistake as the oldest (who was like 7 at the time) didn’t sleep for weeks. I told him not to worry, he had a face and therefore I loved him very much. I’m going to hell now, right?

    • You watched that show?!? I read about it on Wiki and was like, “Jesus, as if my dreams aren’t twisted enough.” I can’t believe you told your kids that warts were the first symptom. You’re children will be very, very strong. On that note, have you talked your boys into having Testy over on Saturday night? I arranged a sleepover for Testy.

      • I didn’t tell them yet as I decided I would go the ‘lay down the law’ route. I’ll be sure they know not to watch ‘girl with no face’ documentaries on the Internet with Testy. I’ll call you today to firm up details but consider it a go!!

    • I bit. I googled Teacher Collin’s Syndrome and I actually knew a girl with that, although I didn’t realize it was a medical condition. I just though she had an unusual face. We were friends in grade school and I had sleepovers at her house. We liked listening to Olivia Newton John.

      • She had no cheekbones, the sagging eyes, strange ears and wore hearing aids! She did not have a tooth coming out her nose, though. She was a nice kid.

  2. My daughter will be starting her second year of Japanese this year and might be interested in some of those books. Yes we have the internet but it might be nice having them around too.

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