21 Hours To Go (5224-5289)

I’m going to censor myself because I don’t really have anything worth writing. Suffice to say, tomorrow is the first day of school and I hope life will become a little less stressful.

The cumulative effect of all the pressures on me right now (most of which I don’t write about but I don’t want you to think I’m a complete wimp) has my eye twitching like it did when I was getting a divorce and being ousted from a job. When that baby gets going, it’s trouble. My shoulders are so tight I can’t use a purse, it hurts too much.

At least I saw Dr. Ken (that’s right ladies, he’s a doctor) to help me with my hip issue. I don’t know what he did, but it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Kenneth Cao. Doctor by day, pole ninja by night!

Dr. Ken Kao

Anyway, I’m not going to let anything bother me today, or at least I’m going to try to not let them get to me. Last night I felt like a seething ball of rage and anger, and really for nothing.

Not exactly nothing, but I’m not angry at my family and unfortunately they get the brunt of it. It’s not fair.

So if the boys want to sit on the couch and fuck around with the iPad, they can go right ahead. School starts tomorrow. Plus, it’s so blazing hot outside that it would be cruel to make them go out there. Enjoy it while you can, boys.

Twenty one hours, baby.

Time to cut the crap. More shit from the basement. I’m too tired to recycle and be all perfect about it. I’m throwing most of it away.

13 thoughts on “21 Hours To Go (5224-5289)

      • I’ve never seen a VooDoo doll with Ecstasy and Love as targets for the stabbing. And those sawed off arms up there? Use those for a Halloween cake or something. Surely the class mom will ask you to contribute food for the party. Oh, wait, it’s BVSD. Will they want sugar free, fat free, gluten free and no red dye #15? I bet even caramel apples are on the banned food list. Do they even let kids dress up anymore?

        • I think it’s uttery stupid that kids are not allowed to wear costumes to school anymore. And they can’t say words like Halloween or Christmas. So it’s not a Halloween party, it’s a harvest party. All because OMG, they might offend somebody!

        • I think the “offensive” argument against Halloween is asinine. However, I kind of get why the teachers are against it. It’s a completely wasted day. That said, it was my absolute favorite day of the year when I was a kid. I LOVED wearing my costume to school.

  1. At first I read this as: My shoulders are so tight I can’t use a curse, it hurts too much.

    I thought: “No! I can’t image stress so bad one couldn’t swear!” Glad to see that I read it wrong and that at least you still have swearing at your disposal. Hope the stress works itself out soon!

  2. I love seeing the random selections of things you come across, makes me feel a little better that I’m just as bad for keeping the strangest of things! Hope life gets a little less stressful for you soon 🙂

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