Embarrassing Videos (5125-5126)

I can’t face my house. I can’t face it because I can’t stand anyone in it right now, including me.

Instead I hid out in the pole studio and goofed off with the funnest group of people you could find.


My new warm-up. Jump on the trampoline for 3 minutes and then fight your way across the foam pit twice. You’ll be sweating balls.

Lemony was there but she was being all business owner-like and doing work. Tsk.

That didn’t stop me from shooting video footage of some awesome ladies (and gentleman) and of my butt. In slow-mo. I wouldn’t write this blog if I actually cared about looking good.

Time to cut the crap.

Only two items for today. I was busy videotaping my jiggling ass for the internet and there are only so many hours in the day.

But I can get rid of two horrible bottles of booze. I threw out the sweet vermouth because when I make a martini, I reach for the sweet vermouth. I did never. The dust was thick enough to write on but I don’t know what happened to the dang picture. (DANG! See? I’m family friendly!)

And the Manischewitz Kosher “wine”. We’ve had several stridently Jewish people live at our house, although Kimmie didn’t look Jewish nor did her raving about finding awesome cheeseburgers in Jerusalem seem very Kosher to me. But what do I know. I’m still finding Matzo in unusual places.

We unscrewed the cap to see what all the hoopla was about.


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