Farewell Chicken! (4839-5048)

This isn’t going to be a post about me drop-kicking The English Patient through the goalpost. I’ve actually become rather fond of the little nipper.

Shé helped me find this picture. She's so smart.

Shé helped me find this picture. She’s so smart.

Tabby gets home from Chicago not a moment too soon. Domer has assimilated well into the household and I daresay that it would be okay if she never picked him up (hint, hint). Testiclese is going to be crushed without him and I just know he’s going to put the screws to me to get a Chihuahua.

Hear me now. It’s not going to happen!

But I’m happy she’s coming back, for her sake. We talked on the phone today and all the fight was out of her. It scared me to hear her so … so … limp.

Good God, what would have happened if she had hopped the pond and ended up anywhere but Boulder? She probably would be back in the UK.

Hopefully Domer will be glad to see her because he and I have gotten very close and I’d hate to think that a vicious love triangle would end our friendship.


See this? These are his “sexy eyes” and he’s making them for me. If you love someone, set them free!

Time to cut the crap.


Shé started working for us today. Lonny started her on a project that would make me happy: getting rid of boxes of magazines. She’s helping him sell them on eBay.


208 magazines sold in lots. Hopefully they will sell quickly and get the heck out of my pole room.

3 thoughts on “Farewell Chicken! (4839-5048)

  1. I have to say that in the top photo, where he is deep in your embrace, he looks rather, umm…. electrified.

    My dog makes the sexy eyes at me – I never know if that is “I love you so much” or “I am contemplating jumping up and grabbing your throat in my jaws… out of love.”

  2. I inherited several bound books full of Life magazines from the 30s to 50s. Their bindings are official and Life-issued/branded. I would LOVE to know how much Lonny gets for the ones you have posted. Congrats on the Reader’s Digest feature too – you’re amazing!

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