Too Much Tequila (4810-4813)

The other day I wrote that it really annoys me when it takes too long to squeeze limes because I want it my margarita now! So I gave Harmy a citrus squeezer for her birthday. Happy Birthday Harmy!

We reaped/suffered the benefits at her birthday party last night and found out the hard way why it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to squeeze the limes by hand between margs. It’s called pacing yourself. Lesson learned.

The next time we are at a party and I smack an empty glass down and say, “Hit me!” for goodness sake, actually hit me. Like in the face. I’ll thank you for it in the morning.

I was going to write about but the sorry state of swimming pools these days (there are so many stupid rules that kids are hard pressed to have any fun, God forbid) but I’m feeling too wobbly to write anything decent and I have to cater the grand opening of the Boulder pole studio. (Pamcakes, what’s that euphemism you use to tell your kids you are hungover without actually admitting to drinking?)

Cooking for 80 while hung? What could be more fun?

Time to cut the crap.

IMG_4009This is Chris holding a Russell Wright gravy boat. I also gave him a whole stack of Russell Wright saucers but I counted them in a previous post so I can’t count them again. But they are finally off my counter so WIN!

I don’t have pictures but I also got rid of a white skirt that has a stain on the butt because I sat in something, a strange dropper thing that has been in my medicine cabinet forever, a tank top that has been floating around the laundry room for years and I suspect it might have even belonged to the housemate that may or may not have accidentally set fire to the house, and a stupid, plaid golf towel (why do we even have this?). That’s four items. Not bad given my weakened condition.

And finally, I’d like to ask your opinion.

I thought I hired a bookkeeper in May but despite having met with her and setting up my accounts like she asked, she completely disappeared on me. She won’t respond to my emails or calls. I don’t think she ever got started on my books, which is okay since she never charged me.

I got a recommendation for another bookkeeper and we talked on the phone at length, agreed to terms and set up a meeting where I was to hand off my receipts and books. She never showed up for the meeting so I texted her something along the lines of, “Don’t we have a meeting right now?”

Anyway, she got back to me and said she had a migraine and had taken something that knocked her out and asked if she could reschedule.

My question: Do I?

I’m feeling jumpy about bookkeepers. It’s a lot of work to get everything ready for them and it requires tremendous amount of trust and faith. I can’t deal with another flake.

But migraines are terrible, Lonny gets them. So is it reasonable to expect a text or something other than a no-show? Or should I give her the benefit of the doubt? Right now it is easy to walk away, I can hand my books off to someone else without having sever an established relationship, but would that be fair?

What would you do?

22 thoughts on “Too Much Tequila (4810-4813)

  1. I wouldn’t give the bookkeeper a second chance. I get migraines, and they’re horrific, but I also manage to cancel things as they come on and before I take medicine. I’d take it as a giant red flag. And good luck with being hungover and cooking and mommying and…uuuuugh.

  2. I totally agree with Amy. I get migraines too; she could have texted to cancel. I have bookkeeper referrals for you! Full list is at work; I can send you names tomorrow. Hmmm come to think of it my euphemism for hangover may be ‘migraine’. See you this afternoon!

  3. I agree with Amy and Pam. I get migraines, but I would never forget to tell my boss I’m not going into work because of one. Dump her. I can’t stand that kind of thing. I dread being hungover and having kids…sounds like the worst combo. I feel for ya sister!

  4. I agree with Amy, too. I get migraines but would never forget to tell my boss I’m not coming into work because of one! Red flag! Ugh, I dread being hungover and having kids to deal with. I feel for ya sister!

    • Actually, I’m not hung over. (Someone else in the house is but I promised him I wouldn’t blog about it.) There is a special place in hell for those hungover with kids.

  5. Find a new bookkeeper and don’t feel guilty about it. Then when you get home, go to that place in your house where you can be alone and sleep it off. Lonny can handle everything else.

  6. You got a hangover because you used the wrong lime press. Maybe the wrong tequila. Let me know next time you make margs and I will advise you on tequila brands and bring over my squeezer and rock salt.
    On another note, remember when you told me about a year ago to contact you because you had a few suggestions about tantrums and thwarting them? Ok, I’m contacting you…

    • We got hungover because of the copious amounts of alcohol. The margs runneth over that day.

      And it wasn’t me, it was “you know who” who has never been hung over before in his life and is really embarrassed about it and made me promise to not blog about it.

      Onto more important matters: tantrums. Them’s some good times. Your daughter will ultimately grow out of them. How old is she? Two? But you can learn the warning signs and head them off at the pass.

      You can also keep from establishing some bad habits that will prolong the tantrum phase or, even worse, create a little tyrant. Call me, or Lonny if you don’t have my number. This too shall pass.

  7. Everyone already said exactly what I was going to say in regards to book keepers and migraines. (I get ’em, I tell people, and can certainly text.) So instead I will say that Tequila cat makes me laugh.

  8. Yay! I’m so happy that the lime press was really a gift. That was the embarrassing question I forgot to ask you in Costco (got distracted by the Vitamix). I wasn’t sure if it was a gift or a loan, that was handed over coincidentally at the same time you said, “happy birthday!”. I kind of feel honored, that you-know-who had his/her first hangover from my party. It was your recipe, so I can’t take full glory.

    • It’s a gift! But it’s going to be a while before either of us come near a marg. Perhaps if we are going to go down the “pitcher of pain” road again, we should cut it with some sparkling water. Oy.

      “You know who” was such a naif. He was all embarrassed and scared and I was all, “Baby, do you want me to hold your hair (singular) back for you?”

    • I took everyone’s (and I mean EVERYONE’S) advice and wrote her a nice email to tell her that I am interviewing more book keepers. I’m nervous about relationships that don’t start out on the right foot. She understood. Hopefully one of Pamcake’s leads will pan out.

  9. THIS JUST HAPPENED TO ME with someone who is doing a board and train with me! UGH she was 3 hours late. She could have at least called or texted you letting you know she wasn’t feeling well… BEFORE she took the meds.

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