No Frills Post (4785-4798)

I don’t have time to write about the stupid dogs or the annoying kids today. I’m trying to make myself useful around the studio and get ready for my meeting with the new accountant so I’m going to cut right to cutting the crap.

Well, maybe a little about my day. Today the house was a wreck (shocking, I know) when a man knocked at the door and said that he lived here years ago and asked if it would be okay to look around with his friends.

This has happened before; people show up on our doorstep for all kinds of reasons and feel compelled to visit. I don’t think this happens in normal houses, but this house isn’t normal.

Lonny invited him in and started to give him the tour … to my extreme mortification.

There were dishes in the sink, a disemboweled subwoofer on the dining room table that Lonny was fixing, I was flipping the rental room and there was a pile of laundry on the floor, the vacuum was sitting in the hall and my room was a mess.

Don’t get me started on the condition of the living room and Lonny’s desk which is spilling halfway across the floor at this point.

The man took a trip down memory lane while I frantically tried to dash ahead of him and collect my underpants that were sitting on the dresser and preserve my dignity.

I love it when people stop by. I really do. And if I had to choose between people stopping by unannounced or not stopping by at all, I’d choose unannounced any day. But please, if you love me, give me a 20 minute warning or else my eye lid will twitch for 24 hours afterwards.


Leapfrog Tag Reader and Books. I saw it for sale on-line for $79 but it can be yours for $40. This is a seriously good deal.


Crayons that have been sitting unused on my desk for ages.


Morality books. Really? What more can they learn about morality than they haven’t already learned from me? HA!


This system works perfectly. You need to go on-line to download the software onto your computer then you just go.





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