How Can I Stay Mad At You? (4702-4715)

I’ve finally resolved all my computer issues, I hope.

A few days ago my track pad stopped working. I restarted it two or three times to see if that worked, but it didn’t, so I made an appointment at the Genius Bar and used my old machine for a few days.

Today I brought my Macbook Air in, fired it up, and wouldn’t you know it? The stupid track pad worked again. Intermittent problems are the bane of my existence. They just make me look dumb. Or maybe it means I’m dumb. I don’t know.

After explaining that I tried the restarting thing, my Genius looked at my contact log and said, “This machine is too new for you to be having so many problems.” and just like that, he got me a new computer, transferred my files and I was out the door in 45 minutes.

Now that’s why I paid $2000 for a new computer.

While my data was transferring, I took a few pictures of my guy helping someone else.

I love you.

I love you.

His coworker asked me what I was taking a picture of. I explained that I was preparing to write a happy Apple post as opposed to all the unhappy posts that have been my milieu.

So now I have a new computer that gets WI-FI reception anywhere in the house AND the trackpad works. I don’t ask for much.

Time to cut the crap.


You know that subwoofer that Lonny brought to the studio the other day? It doesn’t work. Isn’t it great that we’ve been storing a busted sub in our basement for a decade? He’s replacing it with this one, which has also been in the basement. I kind of hope it doesn’t work because we’ve got a third one that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of.


Blue is getting more efficient at decrapitating his toys. It used to be that they would last at least a month. Now they only last a few days. TRASH.


A cute tank top that shows way too much boob. I used to be down with that but these days I’m feeling older and more self-conscious. I guess I’m feeling my age. I’m giving it to Shé who is young and has a totally hot rack.


Eyeglasses that I don’t need because I had my eyes fixed. DONATE.


Stupid scissors.


These are cute little flowerpots the kids painted in camp. They’ve been on the porch all summer. DISAPPEARED.


Party favor. TRASH.



Image 14

Empty case. DONATE.

Image 12

We no longer have fish so I’m giving this net to Emily.

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  1. Wow so happy to hear you got the new computer and it works just fine. That and you actually got a person who obviously has a brain in their head. lol

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