Double Yolker! (4687-4688)

One of my girls is knocking herself out. I don’t know which one she is, but I am deeply sympathetic to what she went through to lay my breakfast for me.


Holy shit! Look at that big boy on the right! This is from one of our more “mature” ladies who is dead set on proving that she can keep up with the younger working girls. It’s never too late!


An assortment of beauties from the coop. The little pink ones are from my Silkies. I call them snack sized eggs.

For some reason the video won’t embed, but click on the link, you won’t be disappointed. Well, maybe you will. I don’t know. I’m pretty excited.

If you don’t get the song I’m singing (Dad), click here to be enlightened.

Eggs are a Desert Island food for me. If I had to choose just a few foods to take with me on an island, eggs and potatoes are on the top of my list. What’s yours? And no, you can’t say Whole Foods.

Time to cut the crap.


It’s a modest offering today, but not really if you take into account size and heft. This is a subwoofer that has been sitting in the basement forever, you know, like at least ten years. I stub my toe on it from time-to-time and Lonny has to get it out of the way every time the sump backs up. He likes to talk about having a bitchin’ sound system but really? Really?

We’re old. I’m either 1) worried that I’ll wake up the kids or 2) worried I’ll disturb my guests if I turn the music up too loud. If I’m going to throw that kind of party, I’m renting a space out, charging admission and hiring a cleaning crew.

I’m heading off to the soft opening of Vertical Fusion in Boulder and I’m going to make Lonny set it up there because if there is anything a pole dance studio needs, it’s a thumping stereo. DONATE.

It’s the first class to be taught there and I couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s a little something for my dad, who has just discovered the wonderful world of fail videos. Enjoy, Dad!

Does anyone  have any suggestions for dear old Dad? He gave me some great advice this morning, I figure I should get him back.

12 thoughts on “Double Yolker! (4687-4688)

  1. I agree, I need my eggs. Wish I had chickens. We had eggs for dinner last night and a double egg sandwich for breakfast this morn. Eggs and spinach on my Island.

    • Yes, but you can starve to death on spinach (which I eat every day for breakfast, BTW). I read an article about desert island foods and people will select spinach to feel virtuous, but they are better off with chocolate because the fat and calories will keep you alive longer. If I had to choose chocolate (“had”) it would be Chocolove Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Salt. Yum.

  2. Lisa’s reaction “Ruins wedding is kinda harsh i mean, si this shitty, yeah, but way worse stuff happened at my… HOLY CRAP OMG SHE JUST RUINED THIS WEDDING OMG”

  3. Yes you might starve to death eating only spinach; but then subsisting only the fat and calories in chocolate, you’d stay alive long enough to get scurvy and probably other serious nutrient deficiencies. So I don’t know which would be worse, what do you think?

    “We’re old.” Is that declaration a non-sequitur there or what? You guys don’t seem old to me, of course. Though I do recall you saying something recently about wearing “grannie underwear”…

    • If you want to get technical about it, you would want to survive long enough to be rescued. You can deal with scurvy later. So there. And yes, we’re old(er) and no longer into blasting the stereo. It makes my tinnitus act up.

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