4 Reasons Why I’m Mad At Lonny and the World (5590-5614)

Here is why I am mad at Lonny, and the world, today. 1) I was walking the dog at 5 in the morning because a) he’s an asshole and apparently that’s when assholes get up, b) it is hotter than fuck once the sun rises, and c) it is unlikely I’ll encounter anyone else that […]

Omens of Great Portent (5520-5589)

I knew that today was going to be awesome from the moment I cracked open the egg for the boys’ breakfast. It’s a double yolker and from one of the new girls! I wasn’t expecting it because it was a white egg and I’m prejudiced against white eggs. I’m a reverse racist when it comes to eggs. […]

Check Me Out (5485-5519)

Tuesday is my new favorite night. With the opening of Vertical Fusion in Boulder, I have a place to take lessons and grow as a dancer. I’ve been taking pole technique classes, often starting over at the beginning to get back up to speed and feel confident again. The lights are up, the classes are […]

Menstrual Hut (5435-5484)

A funny thing happened on my walk this morning. Dan Savage, my favorite relationship and sex advice columnist, had an expert on menstruation speak on his show. Later that morning at coffee I saw a “menu” from a nearby spa that offered Moon Time Treatments. I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m gonna have to […]

Easy Button & Fond Childhood Memories (5422-5435)

I met with my new bookkeeper today and I think I might be a tiny bit in love with her. Anyone who can accept a box full of receipts and a 210 page PDF report from my Quicken and say, “No problem. We’ll get this sorted out,” has the key to my heart. Do you […]

Things That Make Me Cringe (5381-5422)

It’s been a cringe-worthy day but we had an awesome weekend! That eating and sleeping and no kids for the night thing is like the friggin’ Marital Fountain of Youth! Lonny and I dumped delivered our kids to their respective sleep-over locales (thanks Jen and Pamcakes!) and then enjoyed a leisurely 18 hours of happy-hour, […]

I Ate and I Slept (5376-5380)

I have an Italian friend who acts like a German. She is from a village so far north that they actually speak German so even though she is Italian, I call her the German. Her English is pretty good but we keep our conversations rather succinct. One Monday I inquired about her weekend and she […]

A Letter To My Husband (5356-5375)

I feel that Lonny might be reaching his breaking point with my purging project. I’ve been spending time in the basement, AKA Lonny’s Man Cave. It’s low hanging fruit, if you will. There is so much stuff down there that it’s good for a quickie slam-dunk. I figure I can sort through my stuff yet […]

Tree Man (5336-5355)

I had a tortured night of sleep and had to get out of bed at 5a.m. just to escape the crazy dreams. Lonny is entirely to blame. Last night I was hanging in the living room with the boys when Lonny said, “Hey Viv, check this out,” and showed me the one of most disturbing […]

Extra High Quality Post (5290-5335)

There’s something new about me. Can you guess what it is? Yes, I cut my hair, but I just trimmed my own bangs in a fit of frustration (to disastrous effect) because I’m waiting for my hairdresser to get back. But it’s not that; it’s something else. Something good. The fact that this post didn’t […]